Better Balance For Your Golf Swing

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Transform your Golf Swing today! Join the thousands of golf enthusiasts who have benefited in as little as 1 day and are now hitting the purest shots of their life. Jack Nicklaus said the swing started from the ground up, but what does that mean? And you've heard that balance is important, but why and how do you swing more in balance? Watch this video and perhaps you'll be the RST'er sending a success story like this one from a Premium member last week:

“I just wanted to share some GREAT news! I shot a 69 on Sunday!!! I carry a 9 handicap. I beat my lowest score ever by 1 shot. I'm 48 now and that 70 was 20 years ago. I had 4 birdies and 1 bogey. I've been a member since the summer. This has been the best decision I've made for golf.

I've been working hard this winter (in my home) without a club on the movements, wait transfer and sequencing. Wow!!!! I finally experienced the effortless power. My distance was breath taking! The sound of compressing a ball and watching it back up was great! My friends couldn't believe what they were seeing. It was an AWESOME day! I have my scorecard and it will soon be on the wall. Thank You so much for this website!”

Scott C. Premium Member

If you want to be like Scott and make THIS the year you shoot your first round in the 60's, you need to understand the core RST fundamental of balance and force of movement.
This video will help you improve your golf swing in the following four key areas:

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▪ Poor Balance
▪ Over the top
▪ Slowed clubhead speed
▪ Sequencing the downswing

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No Identity says:

I literally just watched a golf instruction video that said it's best to start the down swing with your arms. All of these instruction videos are messing me up pretty badly.

Mauro Pari says:

Nice Job Chuck…Great Instruction

J Phil says:

Great lesson…I've had this fault for a long time and at least I understand why.  Now I just have to fix it…ha!

Kenny P says:

I loved it, helps  me!

Opa Knows says:

Excellent lesson.  But I'm keeping this one to myself.  My son-in-law's dad is at least an inch taller and 25 muscled lbs bigger than me, but I still out-drive him while he uses driver and I use 5-wood (240+ yards, not bad for 51 and on disability pension).  
Thank you, Chuck & RST!

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