Golf Flip vs Golf Release | The Difference is Huge!

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Do you have a problem losing your lag? Are you flipping your club and not getting a good compressed golf shot? When you flip your club you can lose all the energy being built up for the golf ball. You may be casting and using your right arm way too much. In this Golf Flip vs Golf Release | The Difference is Huge! video we cover in detail some points that will allow you to shred those bad flipping habits. Start getting compressed golf shots that end with lots of distance and speed.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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10 thoughts on “Golf Flip vs Golf Release | The Difference is Huge!

  1. Close but he is still coaching casting. Keep the cub face open the whole way to the ball to allow the club to release at the bottom of the swing creating a vortex right at the ball. With a strait swing path the ball has no choice but on to your target. With a strait swing path that puts the ball on the same path you are allowed to concentrate on visualizing what it will take for the ball to get to and in the cup. At 160 yards golfers should be aiming at the hole not the green.

  2. The thing that really allowed me to understand the difference between the early flip in the straight-line release was realizing that physics works on its own much more in the straight-line release because of centrifugal force.

    Just like nunchuck sticks, when you flip one the other one wants to flip around much, much faster, naturally. When you flip early you have to create the force to do it with your wrists. When your timing is such that you get the straight line release, the club wants to release and you'd have to resist it to keep it from doing that. The weight of the club and the centrifugal force created in the early part of the swing force the club to want to come through without much help from the wrists. Obviously the wrists come into play but when I finally understood this idea of how centrifugal force works with nunchucks, it made it a lot easier for me to execute it in my golf game. That's also the reason why one doesn't have to swing hard to get great club head speed… for the same reason one does not need to swing nunchucks fast to get incredible speed off of the second piece of wood.

  3. You seem to be explaining casting and not a flip. Flip occurs at Impact when you are trying to catch the club up from dragging the handle through the hitting zone, no?

  4. You really have to stop promoting the lag video in every single video you upload… It is beyond annoying and makes you feel less and less like clicking on any of your videos.

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