Golf Follow Through | The Left Hand Fold

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How would you like to consistently hit the ball dead solid? In this Golf Follow Through | The Left Hand Fold video we cover the factors of the left hand that affect contact, through and to the release. We'll also cover how to get impact glide and how these work together to get a good golf swing with solid contact. The left hand in the swing controls way more than you might think, let's make it work for us. Let's get started!

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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19 thoughts on “Golf Follow Through | The Left Hand Fold

  1. Been playing for 25 years. Could never get the swing down. Started bowing the left wrist over the last week and the ball is flying. Read books over the years, watched videos, and still never really got instruction that I was slightly cupping the wrist. Bowing the left wrist makes a HUGE difference on compressing the ball and hitting it properly. Now just thinking about keeping the grip relaxed before the swing, bowing the wrist during the swing, and then feeling the ball in your hands as you hit it. When I've been doing these three simple things properly, the ball just flies.

  2. I mean why do right handed People shoot right handed in golf when in other sport like in hockey they shoot as a left? Can't understand that. Me as a right handed guy shoot as a left in hockey and that feels also the right way in golf but golfers say otherwise. Hmm fucked up

  3. Gosh he loves to hear himself talk, and makes golf the most complicated maneuver in the world it would seem if you listen to him. I think what he says is true in most cases…but learn how to teach rather than preach is my suggestion.

  4. Hi Clay,
    first of all I have to say that I regret that I didn't come across your videos earlier. They are so easy to understand and are breaking down the steps so well so that to practice on them is really easy. They really improved my golf.
    Regarding the cupping of your left wrist after impact I saw a friend inserting a tee in his watch strap to avoid it. Do you recommend this?

  5. Hi Clay. I find that I can release with the left wrist bowed through out the release by cupping the right wrist. Is this another way one can release? This seems to promote more a twisting motion with palms touching on followthrough. Thanks!

  6. I love how your videos get right to it, Clay……… no unnecessary self-promotion or advertising. Please let me know how I can contribute to your site so you don't have to "monetize" these helpful videos.

  7. It looks easier than done. I often hit on the ground or hook to the left. My solution is to close the club face at address and swing inside out so that I don't have to bow my hand

  8. Clay, i enjoy your videos very much. i would like to request that you speak abit more deliberately when giving instructions; sometimes it's difficult to internalize your content when you speak too fast.

  9. just had a lesson using the exact same swing thought and it improved my ball striking greatly as long as you do not let your bottom move towards the ball at Impact we used a practise club that was heavy so you can feel the positions you have to achieve Steve s aust

  10. Clay, thanks for great tips . You and Chris Ryan my favourites. Do you cup your left wrist on shorter shots as well ? I try to. Is this correct right up to and including chips? Thks. Lynne

  11. Two questions Clay: Firstly, after you have struck the golf ball and momentum has moved the club to the straight line release, what difference does it matter what you do with the left wrist after that point as the ball has long gone? Secondly and please correct me if I am wrong on this but I thought that in order to spin the ball when landing on the green, one of the requirements was to keep the face square after you have hit the ball otherwise if you roll your wrists as per normal after hitting the ball, the ball will travel further and not spin? Look forward to your replies. Cheers!

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