GOLF: How To Get More Rotation And Push Off Your Right Side

How To Get More Rotation And Push Off Your Right Side

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When you watch elite-level ball strikers, one of the things they have in common is hey rotate really well and they push off the right side. But, what does pushing off your right side even mean? And how can you use that to rotate better?

As I’ve mentioned in many previous videos, I want to rotate early. But at some point, I need to push off of my right foot so that I can extend my legs, kick my pelvis forward and extend my spine into my follow through. If I were to make a golf swing and had no push off the ground whatsoever, that's not going to be very powerful.

Let's focus on the downswing from about last parallel or halfway down during your downswing into your finish position. When we watch really good players, there isn’t a ton of pushing off of the right foot until that spot.

The goal is, I go to the top of my backswing. I turn a bunch early, not pushing yet, and then by the time I'm getting down into the end part of my downswing, now I'm really pushing off the inside part of my foot into my follow through pieces.

By the time I'm down at last parallel, I'm really going to push off my right foot. I'm going to make sure my right quad and my right hip are turning towards the target as I'm pushing off. My belt buckle is turning towards the target. And then by the time I get into this arms parallel to the ground position in the follow through my goal is hips are perfectly square to the target, belt buckle is at the target and then shoulders are perfectly square to the target.

That would be a tremendous drill probably for just about everyone watching this to add rotation, add the extension, and then also getting the hands forward enough to compress the golf ball.

You can practice this with some golf training aids as well to get the same feels.

For the first drill, I put an alignment rod in the ground. I then preset my body into that last parallel position. From there, I need to feel like I'm pulling that stick up out of the ground and into my follow through pieces. I do that by pushing off my right foot and rotating my right thigh. I'm pulling it and I'm turning. That's a huge speed production thing.

For the second drill, I can take a bucket or an object and sort of use the analogy of throwing something in front of you over a wall. If I were to take a bucket and try and throw it up over an object, I would do those same pieces. I would push off, turn my right side and extend into my follow through piece. Throwing a medicine ball into the wall would be a similar, good speed producer.

I also like to combine drills like these with a wrist condition drills. I’ve used a hanger on the side of the club in the past (many times!). But, what we now have that does an even a better job in my opinion, is the Tour Striker Educator It just pops on the end of the club so you don't have to actually hold the hanger.

So now I can combine wrist conditions along with my pushing off my right side, and that's probably 80 to 90 percent of the drills that we're going to do.

The Tour Striker Educator is more for the wrist conditions. Sometimes I’ll also use the Callaway Chip Stix Golf Training Aid for handle location and rotation. You guys have all seen the stick on the side of the club so you don’t hit yourself on the side. That's what this is, but like with the Tour Striker Educator, this just pops on the end of the club and you don't have to hold the stick. This would be more for getting rid of the flip motion. But again, these pieces all go together. I've never seen someone flip a club who has a good clubface alignment, who has a good pivot motion.

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27 thoughts on “GOLF: How To Get More Rotation And Push Off Your Right Side

  1. Thanks Eric for a great video ! I only came across this instructional video recently and practiced it for a few sessions only at the range before my first actual game. My distances, accuracy and feel with all my clubs with this golf swing had dramatically improved when I took it to the course. Two thumbs up from me. Cheers, Ramsin.

  2. Hi Eric, I thought the weight or pressure should be almost on the left foot at the last parallel. But It seems to push off from or using the right foot, the weight or pressure should be on the right foot at the last parallel, right?
    I’ve tried shift the weight to the left foot before the last parallel, and then kick or straighten the left leg away from the target side. But when I see the recording of my swing, my right heel take off too early compared to pro’s. Maybe this is the cause.

    Thank you always. Your videos help me a lot!

  3. Which part of your right foot is pushing to help you turn please? Is it the balls of the feet, is it the balls and toes, is it just the pads of the toes? I usually have too much weight on the heel and find it very difficult to push off….

  4. Without a shadow of a doubt some of the best videos & drills/explanations on golf theory on YouTube! And I watch A LOT of golf videos. Keep up the good work Eric!

  5. Hi Eric- Thanks so much for this video. I have two questions: a lot of teachers stress leading with the left side-especially to prevent right side dominance and the right side overtaking the swing. Can you comment on this vs this video? Also-If we are obviously trying to move the left hip out of the way during the downswing do you think the right hip rotating to where it is like it is hitting the ball (and therefore obviously moving the left hip around and back) is an acceptable thought? I am very right side dominant but was told that wouldn’t’ work to have a good consistent swing. Still-if using the right side the right way works that is the way I would prefer to go. Thanks

  6. I'm having trouble in my follow through and getting to a nice finish position due to my weight or pressure ends up all in my left toes so I will give these drills a go and see what happens.thanks for all your help and effort Eric

  7. This is exactly what i've been looking for. Really appreciate the Drills and the idea of "feels". Thanks man, just ordered that chip stix. glad i found your page Eric.

  8. Hey Eric – great video again.

    Can you help clear up some confusion I have? In this video you talk about pushing off of the right side. In other videos you talk about pressure shifting to the left side before the backswing is complete and with the left should staying down during transition.

    I am not sure how these two lessons work together, how should I push off of my right side when the pressure is already on my left?

    Thanks again!

  9. Pushing up not only adds speed using centrifugal force but an added benefit is that is squares the club for a greater distance and balls fly straighter. Eric, your videos helped me shoot a 76 this weekend at my local course and I could have done better but for a couple of missed putts. A suggestion for you is to number your videos so people can use your drills in order of importance as you see it. By far your backswing video is what changed my game. THANK YOU!!!!

  10. This push-off/extension in the follow-through is the hardest thing in the swing for me to incorporate, probably due to a raggedy trail ankle. But I’m gonna give it a good go, because I’m really looking to gain some more speed.

  11. The most difficult part of pushing off the right leg is making sure I'm rotating and not sliding into the shot. Especially when I'm tired, or if I try to swing extra hard. Timing rules in this move. Good lesson. JM2C

  12. Can you comment on the connection between the feels for pushing off the right side and those from the upper body feels for more rotation video? It is hard for me to monitor both without “paralysis from analysis “!

  13. Very good video. I have a tendency to push too early trying to generate power and end up fighting early extension as I push forward versus pushing off as I rotate. This seems to be the hardest part of the swing to correct after many years of fighting sliding and early extension. Thanks for the great tips.

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