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You are currently watching a video about how to move your hips in the golf swing in slow motion and with simple tips to follow. This video explains all you need to know about the hip rotation in the golf swing.

Interested in the Gforce training aid follow the link below

If your intersted lessons then please visit the website Online lessons are also now available and more information will be on my website soon but for now please contact me via my social media pages.

Its still free to send in your swings to the channel for some advice on what part of your swing you should work on

This channel focusses on the golf swing and discussing in detail about the areas of the golf swing that most amateurs get wrong. Each how to video explains everything a golfer needs to know so they can improve their golf game and start lowering their scores, so wheter your trying to break 100, break 90, break 80 or break 70 then this channel will help you acheieve everything you want.

I don't rely on many if any training aids with my coaching as I beleive that the change will happen once you understand what it is your really trying to do with your golf swing and once your understanding improves then you will start to make the correct swing change, I will occasionally offer drills to do as this can often improve your feel verus perception battle and help aid your cause.

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I love giving golf tips however I really enjoy helping golfers with their game and love the positive feedback about golfers who I have helped with their ball striking or driving or whatever so if you like golf tips then you should subscribe.

I'll always try to put my swing on slow motion on the camera howver this is sometimes difficult due to the set up of my driving range and I'm often looking for privacy but I agree that seeing a Professional swing in slow motion can help golfers develop.

I do use the term perfect golf swing, not because there is a perfect golf swing or perfect backswing etc however I like to discuss options in all my videos and sgtrongly beleive there are 5 or 6 things we have to do in the golf swing but there are options for golfers to choose what they want to do which is why I feel im qualified to discuss the perfect golf swing as much as anybody else.

The areas I disucss in the golf swing are hip rotation, swing plane, upper body movements, how to gain speed in your golf swing, how to use the driver, all golf swing basics, golf swing for seniors, golf swing for irons, the elbow positions and whats the best way to swing a golf club and much more.

I also do alot of club reviews with Midlands Golf and specially Ronnie and coach at Four Ashes and a friend who helps me as I'm not the most technical person when it comes to club equipment, but we talk about what are the best golf clubs, golf bags, golf balls and even golf trollys. Everyone wants to know whats the best golf club and especailly the best driver which is why we test all of the clubs and give our opinion on what the best golf clubs are.

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We talk about the popular tournaments upcoming especailly the masters as this is a favourite for every golfer.

We do all of this from our happy home Four Ashes Golf Centre.

So if your keen on learning the best way to swing a golf club, the best latest golf wedge, or interested in online golf lessons, what have Taylormade golf launched now?, or is the latest Callaway driver acyually longer than the prevoius model?

Then press that subscribe buttion, ring those bells and join me on my journey into golf and who knowas where we'll end up.


Michael May says:

Another great, useful and helpful video, Russell. As I continue to incorporate my lower body, these videos and your drill have proved to be incredibly helpful.
Breaking down the elements of rotation, separation and proper sequencing, with the hips, has really made a noticeable difference in my contact, distance and dispersion and direction; and I feel like I am swinging more fluidly.
Thank you.

Mike B says:

I just simply suck at golf and driving the ball.. When I connect, I can drive it a good distance (for a beginner)… That said, this is great food for thought. Going to try using this information next time I'm on the range and see how well I can drive it and keep it straight. That's my biggest problem, actually squaring the club face before the moment of impact.
Thanks for these videos…
Going to use the powdered club face to see where I'm striking the ball and using your techniques and tips to try to actually drive it straight..

Here's to a better golf swing!

albarino gold says:

OMG!!! even though I struggle to understand the language he's speaking, I'm really happy I found this guy!

Toby Nutter says:

This is by far the best hip turn video out there. Thanks for the great description of hip function

BluezFan91 says:

Good stuff. My consistency has been terrible lately. Push and pulling. Couldn’t hit a draw with any stance whatsoever. Started doing the feet together drill and I hit it 50% more accurate. Even got a tiny draw from it. Been trying to figure out exactly why it’s so drastically different. Going to experiment with the turning into the hip. It’s starting to make a little more sense.

Phil Saraceni says:

I just started playing Golf 1 month ago and I really poured myself into the game and I gotta say I have so much New Found respect for Golfers because this game is SOOOOO HARD to play and I am an athlete that was good at everything I played from Hockey to baseball Basketball and Football but Golly this game is so hard to learn! I love these videos there a huge help!! Thank you!!!

Chris Matthews says:

Hi. Asking a serious, but also silly, question about this move: Ok if I do this hip movement correctly should I feel some minor discomfort in my right upper inner thigh after hitting 50-75 golf balls? I didn’t stretch beforehand and can really feel it now when I turn into my right hip. My over the top swing vanished and I had some solid shots from 5-9 irons. Thanks.

Stephen McAlea says:

Is it possible to load the hip and still come forward towards the ball?

Andrew Connell says:

Very good stuff

Gaber1983 says:

Russel this was my aha moment with the release today at the range. I felt like I was holding on but have been working on a more rotational transition and not a slide. Lateral bend is automatic but once I added that final piece it clicked. Thanks man. Keep up the great work. Big tournament Saturday so looking forward it it. One thing I will say is that I’m finding it hard to keep my right arm below my left. once I make that initial rotation my right shoulder wants to move laterally. Any drills to help with this and keep that right shoulder down thanks again

ducebear says:

I have to say I have never come across someone who can break down the golf swing like you can
You have helped my golf game enormously thank you so much
I am going to send you my swing because I think I can still improve

Slugsy001 says:

This is brilliant, really helpful for me to understand this stuff and why. Genuinely wish I lived closer to where you are, you clearly have a skill communicating.

George Sherron says:

Thank you for your skillful easy to understand communication. Your lessons have been key to much improvement and as a result enjoyment of my golf game. ???‍♂️?

James Sinardi says:

Thank you Russell. I can't tell you how this has helped my consistency. Club pros (Not Really Teachers) obsessed with takeaway and club face positions not one of them mentioning me lifting up…..if my hips are neutral at address totally puts me in the right position throughout the swing. Thanks Again.

MIGEL- NOREEN Valadez says:

I can see what you are saying, especially with clubs 4 to maybe 8 but does this apply to more lofted clubs? Because my swing feels very different with clubs 9 – 60 degree clubs.

Dan Lindholm says:

Anyone else thinks Russell looks a spit of Rick Shiels? Great video!

Peter A says:

So well explained – thank you

Overhand Golf Channel says:

When a person makes a practice swing, as with the Orange whip, they don't "wait for the clubhead." When they hit a ball for real, they wait for the clubhead to hit the ball as if it wouldn't happen if they weren't watching or waiting for it to happen. When we wait for the clubhead we can't turn through properly. People need to learn how to NOT wait for the clubhead and learn to trust that it will strike the ball only then you can truly swing the club like you do when you make a practice swing.

PV says:

I've watched a million golf videos, and its unbelievable, how just concentrating on turning into the hip on the back swing has improved my ball striking.

Rob Saxe says:

Hey Russell, So I load into the right hip and as the club gets nearer the top, the transition happens and the hips slide laterally back toward the front foot then the left hip goes around to the full body facing front in the finish. Question: in the transition during the slight slide back to the front foot, could it appear that the hip rotation has stalled and is not rotating back around to the body facing front? What would be my clue if the hips did "stall" a bit in the transition area?

Mitch Schneider says:

Your videos are the best and most helpful of all the hundreds of videos I've watched over many years. Thank You!!!!

TheBukman says:

I have struggled with a chronic flat backswing and inconsistency in strike and distance for years. I have used every drill under the sun to try and stop my hands and arms going flat and my club laying off and nothing has helped.
At least nothing before seeing this video.
As soon as I focused as you recommend to stay in pasture and turn into my right hip and right heel my hands went naturally up on plane and everything sequenced into my downswing perfectly with speed and power.
Seriously there is no one anywhere focusing on the importance of the hip movement like you do but I am now convinced there is no other more important topic in golf. The proper backswing coil is the secret sauce to everything.

This is like a magician exposing the truths of Houdini so all I can say is thanks!

Scottie boy says:

Fantastic video Russell probably my favourite yet so detailed and well explained I have been swaying in my swing that's why I'm so inconsistent with my swing but now I only think of your hip rotation technique and feels so grounded and powerful so great stuff Russell cheers ?????️?️

Joe Edmonds says:

Great description of the hip function (both directions). I must disagree with those few who dis you for talking too much, or not demo swinging enough. We can always watch vids of great golfers doing beautiful swings, but your instructional vids are examples of how words (with meticulous segmented demonstrations) can be worth a thousand pictures(full swing vids). I think the people who don't understand your teaching approach are either not really listening … or perhaps they just aren't smart enough to get it? If they prefer some of the multitude of other online instructors, let them go watch them instead of criticizing you and the few like you who actually have sensible, comprehensive, and original concepts to offer.

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Nathan Bennett Golf, LLC says:

Russell great advice! I played D1 College golf myself and You, “Talk Golf” well my friend! I have a lot of good ideas, on the way! You can get a glimpse of what’s to come by checking my page out if you don’t mind! @NBGolf I am looking forward to watching more of your content!

Fran M says:

Great video Russell. This video is exactly what I needed to get my hips working properly. Will spend some time with it and send in a video. Thanks for all your help, you really do a sensational job of explaining things so well. Great visuals, great "feel" drills to ingrain the proper moves. All your videos seem like personal lessons at the highest level. Seriously, I don't get much out of local lessons ever. Too bad you are on the other side of the globe! Very hard to find a superior instructor like yourself.

Sir TogII says:

Think you've hit the nail on the head. If you have the movement of the hips down, everything else becomes a lot easier. If you don't, your swing will just be a series of corrections that require a lot of timing and talent to work.

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