Golf Instruction – One plane backswing

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FarCanaI says:

I did the dinner plate drill while warming up at at my local golf club. It
unfortunately slipped out of my hand on the back swing and hit an old lady
in the face… I had to pay for her broken dentures and smashed
glasses… Just a warning to all those taking dinner plates to the

herringhammer1 says:

Looks too closed to me. I’d pull the ball all day long…

Ninja_Prime says:

This is confusing, as Moe Norman used what he called a one plane golf
swing, this swing is not that swing, this is a two plane golf swing.

nat animation says:

I can’t even tell you how much this video helped. Thanks for posting it.

jack squat says:

Ugh. niggaPlease.

Bon Sihom says:

Great analogy. 

amfohr says:

Would you create some space between the right upperarm and you torso in the

Michael Cavanaugh says:

I was confused when I first got a lesson for One Plane swing. But after
sticking with it (1 year of work), I went from an 8 hdcp to a 1-2 hdcp. I
very rarely miss fairways with my driver and my iron shots have a
penetrating ball flight. For the non-believers between one and two plane,
the big difference is with the one plane you initiate the downswing by
uncoiling your torso because you are already on plane- with two plane you
have to make that ‘leg drive’ move to get back down to the ball and on
plane. It is simply a matter of preference and desire to go for consistency
or power. I lost some distance with one plane, but my consistency is off
the charts and I still play the ‘tips’ with the big boys. It was VERY hard
to make the switch (because I was so used to driving my legs which really
screws up the one plane downswing… but I am glad I did. 

Ron Oliver says:

Best instruction I’ve seen yet. Very detailed which is what I needed. I
feel this will help and I have not even tried it yet. This is just what I
was looking for. I love it and I will follow this instructor. I love the
way he teaches.

John Ko says:

Best back swing I had ever heard. I was able to mimic it and re-built my
swing with great confidence. Thanks much, Josh!

Jason Gitel says:

Great video!!! Really helped me understand!

Todd Ashford says:

Great video Josh. I can’t tell you how much this has simplified my swing.
As being a baseball player all my life this has really helped me flatten
out my club at the top of my swing. Which has led me to hitting the ball in
the center of the face more consistently. 

Brandon Trujillo says:

I’ve been looking for the plane the entire time and never saw one fly

Jimmy Kan says:

Question to all golfers – I have been playing golf for 23 years and finally
a 6 handicap, but still at this point cannot understand why we cannot swing
the club on one plane take back and downswing? Why do we have to complicate
the swing with one plane/two plane/etc????

whetedge says:

At :34 Josh states keeping the club on it’s plane would create a short
backswing, and you couldn’t hit the ball very far. Not so. I hit the ball
much further swinging the club face square to it’s path and on it’s
original plane…much further. It is true that the backswing will be
shorter. My hands barely reach waist high at the top. But my nominal
playing 8 iron (75-80%) is 150 yds, dead straight, and I’m 65 yrs. With
extra energy and a center hit, my 8 iron goes 165-170. The beauty is the
simplicity. I’ve learned with experience that lifting the arms in order to
get the club high, and rotating the arms in order to keep the club on plane
while lifting high, are both unnecessary and way over complicate the swing.

realfunny7 says:

is this with driver fw clubs & irons too

Alexander Panteleymonov says:

What a load of crap. One plane, two plane. As long as you can consistently
hit the ball where you want you are good. Look at Bobby Jones, Bruce
Lietzke, Nancy Lopez, Sam Snead and many other great players, they never
cared that their backswing.

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