Control Your Driver Golf Lesson

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Control Your Driver Golf Lesson with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark helps more golfers with their golf games through his mobile app for iPhone, iPad and android. Golfers send their golf swings through the app for help from one of the internets best loved golf teachers. This lesson shows how important it is to have some lesson of control in your set up and through your golf swing but also talks about golf grip and how it can effect lots of your golf swing.

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Mark Crossfield says:

Loads more golf swing fixes coming this week. buy the app and send in your

Control Your Driver Golf Lesson:

eddie Butt says:

Hi Mark, do you have any vids on lie angle? I put tape on the bottom of my
club and hit off an impact board, the Mark was to the left towards the toe,
would you recommend getting a lesson to fix this or get the clubs bent to
compensate? It would be great if you could do a video on this what the
marks mean on the impact tape + – etc. and what you should do to fix either
lesson from a pro or get the lie angle changed on your irons.

Maui Flutes says:

Mark, I just want to thank you. My swing has improved so much over the past
couple years thanks to watching your videos. I love golf and your help has
made the game so much more enjoyable. Time for a Hawaii visit!

Wayne Lowe says:

Obviously he’s forgotten his hat, put a hat on and he’ll have better

Steve Binns says:

Looks like queslett park range in Birmingham, see the man in the black
jacket, thats Dan, my coach, he’s great, they have new group sessions
running at the moment great value for money !

FartyCraic says:

Mark, have you any advice about the right hand during the grip. I have the
left grip sorted, but I’ve noticed my right hand grip differs from yours.
Both of my thumbs point straight down the shaft. What effect does this have
at impact? Any thoughts would be helpful :)

Andreas Stiller says:

Hi Mark,

Very helpful and well done videos.(helped me a lot)

A big thanks from Germany

Christian Williams says:

very nicely explained, cheers

Jamie Sharp says:

Nice video mark really help 

Callum Slaven says:

bloody good mark

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