Golf is a CON: why you need new irons

Golf is a huge con, and you need new golf irons; Mark Crossfield explains why you should get new clubs while at the same time explaining where golf is trying to con you.

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19 thoughts on “Golf is a CON: why you need new irons

  1. As far as clubs, I grabbed a set of Hogan Apex Edge Pros from I think the late 90s, or early 2000s. Thinner top line compared to the game improvement irons, and almost no offset. I feel like my brain doesn’t like the really wide soles of the GI irons or the offset. Not really sure if I can hit the difference honestly, I’m not very good. Getting better though. As far as the weather, it’s gonna be 82 degrees here in Michigan tomorrow and high humidity. And while that may seem appealing compared to the weather across the pond, for the sake of my plans to beat a whole bunch of balls tomorrow working on my swing, I’d trade a bit of the cooler, gloomier weather for mine for tomorrow. But such is life.

  2. Interesting perspective. Getting "new" can mean many things.
    I advise going to Phoenix in the gap months (April or September) and spending cool mornings golfing.
    And hot afternoons in all the free simulation portals trying out hundreds of used clubs.
    Building a set of franken-clubs that give you the flights and distances you need.
    Then get new, lovely matching grips to make them look like a family.
    Old or new, sequentially numbered or not. Fill your gaps from Driver to 60d wedge.
    Learn to ignore the numbers on the club – focus on knowing what you hit 150 well.
    And build out gapping in both directions. Then get an outdated, now state of the art, Rife putter add a fat grip and go.

  3. I tried to replace my 15 year old Callaways. Tried everything. Mizuno, TM, Titleist. 5-7 yards more, mostly due to juiced lofts. No thanks. One of the guys I play with still use Ping maple blocks and eye 2's to a 4 HCP. It's the wizard, not the wand. Can't buy a golf swing. Never will.

  4. 1950s MacGregor 1 and 4 woods, 1960s Ben Hogan 5,7 and 9 irons, original Ping putter. Some kind if wedge. Fun. Perhaps Ill upgrade to hickories.

  5. Never played anything but blades. Now I’m 34 I’m thinking it’s time to maybe go for a hollow ping with a thin top line just to garner a bit of relief the day after. Don’t need to swing like my wife depends on it. *life ????

  6. just pulled the trigger on a combo set of Srixon's ZX5 in 4 and 5 iron and 6 to PW in ZX7's, so excited can't wait for them to get here, 2 weeks to go

  7. I love your videos, very entertaining and you are correct, golf is a Con. Snake oil salesmen for sure. Because golf has become even more expensive than years past, $1000 USD for just irons, I’ve gone back to my roots! No worries about gaps, no worries about shot making, no worries about distance, yes Ping eye 2’s. Indestructible, fantastic feeling, versatile and most importantly, Fun!! Keep up the great work.

  8. They’ve been making new since I started and I still use my mp32 blades while watching my clown competition move up to the white tees and some of the older guys to the red tees. I’m 74 years old and I do hot yoga and get my younger wife to do blood transfusions with me and I couldn’t be better. She even gave me a kidney and I have an artificial heart. I’ll be around for a long time because I also take testosterone and have a really lean build. Shit I have a headache I’ll be back in a few.

  9. I’m guessing Marks swing speed is way higher than the average amateur, and his strike is going to be centred more often too. Would the same results apply to a player with a little less consistency and swing speed?

  10. I have a set of Ping G30 (purchased in 2014) in my garage having recently bought a set of new Takomo 201. Now I’m thinking of selling the new set – but I really do like my new clubs. Decisions, decisions, decisions ????

  11. Great video, Mark – it's refreshing when a golf YouTuber shows an honest comparison of old vs. new, but based on *loft & length*, instead of the number on the sole.

  12. I still have my Ping i20 irons from 2012. I do want a new set, but man are clubs expensive. Life just gets in the way of buying new ones

  13. I’m a weekend warrior golfer. Played a set of TM R7 since 2008. Served me fine. I got fitted last year and got a set of P790s. I’m a year away from 40 now and I LOVE these but I am a bit concerned that in a few years those might not be the irons for me anymore.

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