MUST KNOW! How To Hit Long Irons In The Air

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22 thoughts on “MUST KNOW! How To Hit Long Irons In The Air

  1. I'm a trail leg amputee, learned to hit with my lower half static but it's a power killer! Trying to switch to the thunder step to get more out of the longer clubs! It'll come just have to exaggerate for awhile to get it.

  2. 7 Woods are awesome good height, great carry distance land soft with minimal roll out. It has become one of my favourites in the bag ????

  3. Hopefully getting out for my first round with my son today (weather permitting)???? and I’m hoping that I can use it as an opportunity to work on my swing vs paying attention to score

  4. Pete, I love when yo get down on your belly to describe loft at 00:01:35. I thought I was looking at a Hobbit, holding up some human golf clubs. Great comedy. How did you come up with that?. Classic. Keep em coming.

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