Golf Lag Drill To Crush Irons

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Lag is a great example of physics at work. Building and releasing energy at optimal points for greatest measures. This lag drill allows you to maximize your stretch shorting cycle for a powerful release. Who knew forearms were so important? Lag is the last leg in the energy transfer process from you to the club. Build maximum lag and increase your distance with this Golf Lag Drill to Crush Irons.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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Tom Reese says:

Clay, I love your instructions. You are one of the best! I played today and prior to going to the course, I hit some irons & driver on the range. WOW!! I am hitting my irons at least one club further! The driver is also longer. I have struggled for years trying to figure out why I couldn't hit as far as I thought I should. Thanks so much!!

Keith Kyun says:

Hello Clay. I thank you for your youtube videos. No other instructor has had so much beneficial influence on my golf game. my first 2 rounds of the year, a 76 and 1 under. This is just from watching your videos and doing the drills. I am a 6 handicapper and know I will trend much lower with your instruction. Most of your videos have given me many "ah ha" moments. (especially the Center of Mass video)The combination of your great instruction with your explanation of biomechanics of the body movements has been really enlightening. I recommend all golfers to use your top speed Golf. Thank you.

Mark Greer says:

A big piece of the puzzle for me, great video.

louisolivierfortin says:

This is a good tip, but you have to be careful with telling people they "have to release", since most students actually release too early. And releasing too early creates a lot of inconsistencies in your ball striking.

David Lentine says:

You people are so lost! Rotary swing is a rip off! Don't be gullible! There's plenty of great instructors. I found an LPGA player that had just got off the tour! Had lessons for 9 months. I got results! These people are knuckleheads!

tobias arnesen says:

hi i really like your videos, but i want to ask some constructive question. Phil Mickelson says hinge and hold and so does my coach. what makes your opinion right? And why does so many coaches say hinge and hold and you want me to listen to you, why are you more right than other coaches? my coach says that the top movement of your lag drill where you let go of the hinge makes inconsistency and that was my problem before. But i really like your videos keep the good work up, i want some arguments against my coach ahaha

T mo says:

What is Clays handicap??

T mo says:

basketball is a looser we care about golf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Todd Marks says:

Your the best

Steve C says:

R.I.P. Arnie!

Steve C says:

Tried this for the 1st time and hit the ball great. Also changed from overlap to interlock and I think it keeps my right hand from being too dominant on the takeaway.

Ram A says:

Clay this type of instruction looks great because you are such a good swinger but it makes the same mistake of many of the videos here. This is static instruction without telling the golfer how each position feels in their muscles and most importantly their spine. With your experience I think you can give people more insight that connects feel to each position. I would even challenge one of your tips (shift weight left) as contrary to what should actually be done (plant on left side and start rotating right hip toward target).

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