How to Start Your Downswing in Golf

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How to Start Your Downswing in Golf (Golf's #1 Lag Instructor Clay Ballard)

In this lesson, Clay Ballard will help those of you who are struggling with where to start in your downswing. Arms? Hips? Shoulders? How Should it come down? Well we have two keys to help you start your downswing and give it more power while still feeling comfortable for you.

In this lesson, Clay demonstrates proper weight shift as you come down through your swing and how to create separation between your hips and shoulders. We have also attached a link and short preview of our premium video “Weight Shift Start Downswing” at the end of this video. Catch the Full video on our website, Good luck on your golf game!

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“How to Start Your Downswing in Golf

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mansiononthehill says:

What is the drill? You mentioned a drill that will help. I missed it…..

Mike Zdarsky says:

Love the video. My problem is I don’t know when to start the downswing. I
end up getting very wristy at the top and end up with the club way too long
like John Daly due to the loose wrists. What key(s) do I use to start this
backswing before my wrists breakdown? Golf Instruction says:
MrShagdog says:

O.K.- excellent video but feel it should be paired with keeping the club in
front of the torso at the start of the downswing to avoid getting stuck
behind, leading to an open clubface at impact…and a high slice

John Holmes says:

Clay your videos are great.. Your video don’t get nearly as much views as
they should. Hidden gem on youtube

Mike Zdarsky says:


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