Golf Lesson w/ Belen Mozo: Learn How to Hit a Sand Shot

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Click the link above to watch the “Sand Shot Box Drill” for FREE!!

Have you been struggling out of the bunkers? Does it seem as though every time you find yourself in the sand you pray you will just be able to get out?

Well, don't worry any longer. You can bocome the best sand player in your foursome with these quick tips.

LPGA tour golfer Belen Mozo happens to have a fantastic sand game. I will lead you through several tips that will help you use the bounce on your wedge correctly and start blasting sand shots next to the pin every time.
Click the link above to watch the “Sand Shot Box Drill” for FREE!!


methodicaljuan says:

I love the videos but hate the advertisements!

Ian Blackburn says:

Ok great, thanks for your advice much appreciated.

Ian Blackburn says:

Thanks sounds like an 8 degree is the better option for me then. I still
have a 56 mizuno mp-r with 13 bounce as my sand wedge I was just
experimenting with the 60 out the sand (after watching Luke Donald videos).
Have you done any swing reviews in Luke Donald? Golf Instruction says:

Ok, I see. You can use a 60 with very low bounce, just make sure you use
your 56 out of the sand. Unless the sand is firm or wet, then low bounce is
good. Sorry, I haven’t done any Luke Donald reviews. ~Clay Ballard Golf Instruction says:

The less bounce, the better for tight lies. For a bunker shot, you want
more bounce. Ideally 12-14 degrees. You can use a 60 degree, but your
margin for error out of a bunker is less. ~Clay Ballard

gretzkyz says:

I wish I was the ball. I’d get a great panty peek. Oh yeahhhhhh. Golf Instruction says:

No problem. ~Clay Ballard

Ian Blackburn says:

…might be better from tight lies. Thanks for any help on this

Ian Blackburn says:

Hi, have been toying with the idea of using my lob wedge out of the sand
and have had good success on the times I taken this approach. I have been
using a vokey 60 degree with 7degree bounce. I want to change to a mizuno
mp-t4 60 (I have the 52 an love the feel) my question is what do I need to
think about in choosing an 8 degree v 5 degree bounce. My 52 is an 7
degree. I’m moving towards a 5 degree have no real reason for it other than
mate this is better from tight lies. Any advice is grateful

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