Golf Instruction – How To Get That Easy Swing With Effortless Power

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Golf Instruction – This video is about How To Get That Easy Swing With Effortless POWER! For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.






▶ SW Florida PGA teacher of the year winner twice
▶ 27 year Class A PGA Member
▶ David Leadbetter Golf Academy director for 13 years
▶ Conducted corporate outings all over the world
▶ Numerous appearances on Golf Channel
▶ Taught numerous that have competed on PGA, LPGA, PGA Champions Tour, and Canadian Tour

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Jordan Spieth Swing Analysis:


Brick Layer says:

Thx. 1961 jack rookie lol

Tiffany Tran says:

I'm 9 and i've been playing golf for 5 years but i still have some issues. Thank you for the videos

Tim Farrell says:

I've emailed you with this sentiment before, but dang, Adam, sometimes I swear you've watched my game and make these videos just for me. This one was one that I needed. Thanks, as always. – SCA full member

Robert Boling says:

been trying to get rid of the HIT when playing the actual shot. practice swings are great, nothing like when over the ball. I think I need psychological help

James Days says:

Thanks for those excellent tips, I'm working hard to improve my driving the ball with my 10.5 driver i hit my 3 wood farther and more consistent, but i'll keep doing those drills.

Arturo Pena says:

been struggling with this issue lately, this video has helped a lot.


Graham Streek says:

So much great advise in a short video. You are really helping my game, still a long way to go though?

jhunter8454 says:

Adam, I enjoy your videos. You have a way of teaching that is remarkable. Very easy to understand. Thank you for your advice. I look forward to viewing your videos when they come out. This one was right in line with what I am working on.

Ideserva Tuggy says:

Interesting about Jacks ability to hit the turbo on the 5's with visibly no difference in swing. Great reminder to RELAX!! If there was a surgery to remove the hit impulse I'd have it done tmrw. Thanks Adam and btw, it's older now but would you recommend Keys To The Effortless Swing?

Linh Vũ Golf Coaching says:

Thanks chanel!

Cresser D says:

Excellent vid, will try this today

James Ryken says:

These videos have helped my golf game so much. I shot my personal best 40 using some tips from the videos. Keep up the great work

Jody Mostyn says:

Agree with the guy below.  You certainly addressed one of my main problems with this video…I try to swing to hard.  Will go out right now and work on your suggestions!

Joseph Simkus says:

Who could not like this video? Perhaps someone who has a slight learning disability…All of your videos are excellent Adam, keep on doing these videos. Thanks so much!!!

Khaizalozlen Pdp says:

Great video, I tried this and felt a whip-like sensation to get the swoosh on release of the hinge in my wrists. Exactly when should I release the hinge in my wrists?

Jonathan Arritt says:

Great video as always. I was just thinking about this topic the other day while playing and you've given me some things to think about. Keep up the great work!

giuseppe nicola says:

Ho detto doppiati

Michael Barcock says:

Love the videos Adam. Really helpful and things are explained so much better than a lot of other instructors I've watched. Keep them coming cheers

dennis soh says:

i enjoyed the delivery of your videos.

giuseppe nicola says:

Perché non sono doppiati in italiano?

Anthony Viola says:

Thank you so much for sending me your recommended drill to help me with my question! I will keep you posted. I like being one of your subscribers! Cheers!

Paul Gaze says:

I have to say that these are the best tutorials I've seen, Adam explains what he wants to put across in a way I find easy to repeat on the range and then the course. My ball striking has improved and my mental approach is much better, as I am confident in my own ability.

lovetogolf says:

Well said Adam that's my problem getting too tight on the down swing resulting in week shots that are high and way wright, slice.

jerry moffat says:

Great video as easy to understand. No magic wand, practice and finding your own way. It works for me.

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