Golf Phenom Kris Stiles Is Called the Next Tiger Woods, but the 13-Year-Old Wants his Own Path

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Thirteen-year-old Kris Stiles is one of the top young golfers in the country and has been drawing comparisons to Tiger Woods from an early age.

Most kids would only dream of being referred to as the next Tiger, but Kris doesn't see it that way. He wants to blaze his own path.

Watch as Bleacher Report takes you inside a father and son's relationship, the pursuit of being elite and the power of kindness.

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Kev Ro says:

Kid got a 2020 San Jose State scholarship. Good for him. I hope he can grow without his dad around to drag him down.

David Stanley says:

Shitty dad. Get to work and act like a man.

wreckim says:

Your way out of Lancaster? That’s 90% of America. This isn’t Compton.

Kev Ro says:

Oakmont? This kid is way more privliged than most kid golfers out there. If his daddy worked at least part time they would be a lot better off. Earl Woods was a retired LTC with a nice pension, that's why he didn't work and was able to devote his life to golf.

Jake Nelson says:

There is no next Tiger Woods…

jacktorse28 says:

Son, you better hope you get compared to Woods as long as you can.

Lol Plum says:

I’m sorry, is it just me or does he not have a 1.1 handicap

Eden Alcantara says:

Long way to go son

Shirrell P says:

I'm confused. Was the dad disabled??

joseph Adams says:

parents are raising their kids to earn money. What happened to parents raising children to be a kind, humble, caring person?

joseph Adams says:

its so crazy that parents are this stupid. They see their child do something well and they think he is going to be the next pro billionaire. Get real man. Who knows how he would end up. All the parents are trying to do is hype him up, so that someone would take a look at him. Same thing lavar did for his kids. Let the kids talent prove it, not your mouths.

joseph Adams says:

looks like california has done it again, produced another lavar ball LOL

sbutler501 says:

Beautiful swing it’s so pure

Rafał says:

I think looking for the next great golfer or the next great in anything among the same racial or ethnical group as the last/biggest one is racist in as of itself.
They may be black, white, yellow, pink, blue whatever.
Just let them come as they are.

Isabel Humphrey says:

the dad is using his son as an excuse not to work.

12 34 says:

What a disgusting man.

Ian Dog says:

Blacks cant play golf, they lack Coordination. This is not my opinion but cold hard fact.

Guppy Playhouse says:

He CAN'T WORK because his son's a good golfer???

Peter Schärer says:

I mean kris said, that is dad quit his job for him to practice, so why are you saying the dad is the downfall for him?
He could work but he doesnt, because he wants to help his son practicing!

Benjamin Smith says:

Bro this kid inspires people to work hard but his dad really needs to get a job

NAGESH H says:

I don't want to be called next Tiger woods… that is serious attitude problem at that age. No modesty or sense of humor! So serious?! Seriously?

Jack Armstrong says:

Hey stop telling the dad to get a job I think is there something wrong with supporting you kid

Maxwell Berg says:

This dad is an actual A-Hole.

Patti Murphy says:

How stupid..they is all kinds of free money for kids with good sat/act scores! Gad is greedy dumb.

ivan hughes says:

Awesome people at oakmont country club. Get it Kris.

LClassic15 says:

Parts of this sound like the next Sean O'Hair

James Harris says:

What about the daughter? Good family but I worry about her way out.

Gypsyfirefly says:

A man who lets his wife do the heavy lifting is not a man. And, that kid needs to learn some respect. A few too many ass whippings have been left out of his upbringing. He’s damn sure no Tiger Woods.


How’s this kid doing now in 2019…??? Anybody knows??

Something Wicked This Way Comes says:

There are a few reasons for the comparison. There will always be Tiger. Same as there’s only one Jack, one Arnie, and so on. They played their game and learned how to make their game play to the courses. If the kid gets a ride at a Div.I school he'll be getting a good education for free plus some difficult competition. Get his degree and then play pro. Best of luck young man. I’ll let rooting for you.

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