Disc Golf Lesson From A World Champion

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A quick lesson from Barry Schultz, 2 time World Champ, as seen on www.discgolftv.com


Danny Caffeine says:

There are a bunch or people right there while he is throwing. That is
unsafe and inconsiderate. If that disc hit me he would not be getting it
back, that is for sure!

nikni kinu says:

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(google it) I heard some incredible things about the results other golfers
have had with it, my uncle got excellent improvement with it. Yeah cut 5
strokes in just a few weeks 

johnwabash says:

Schultz is the man and this is really sound advice.

riothero313 says:

I was really guilty of the “Fred Flintstone” when I started, I laughed so
hard when he said that lol. Also I would stop my runup and instant before I
through making it completely pointless. Now I just do a quick, easy, and
smooth side step or two before I toss. Kind of like in baseball how they
taught you to “step into” your swing or using your feet to drive a punch in

Arthur Haverkamp says:

I am not sure what you are saying but we(the pro’s) don’t bring our arm
down on purpose. It just happens. But it is like Barry said; go smooth.
About accuracy; most people make the mistake of taking discs which are not
good for their game. Overstable discs are only for players who play this
game for some time. Learn to throw straight,learn a smooth shot that goes
to the right(hardest shot of all for a righty) and don’t go all out.
Control 60 feet before you move up.

scooter21122112 says:

something i cannot find anyone commenting on is the fact that people bring
their LEFT arm down to their side as they throw. That takes away -counter
balance and your right arm will swing faster without it. I myself am losing
accuracy over this. What can I do about it?

marsdog says:

you forgot to yell “fore” …jerk. coulda killed somebody

ScReamOOOHHH says:

I would have to say you are probably one of the cockiest most arrogant disc
golfers I have met. No one that I have ever met has ever claimed that the
disc your toss will make a large difference. Of course each disc throws its
own way and has its own flight path but to say if you want to throw “GOOD”
use all championship discs is plain ignorance of the sport. You think you
can beat me message me at YouTube/danphelan89 Im always down for a new

esp1964 says:

yabba dabba doo disc golf is fun

ACT WON says:

@uguysarefried ocassionally

storminmorman50 says:

@220friend Thanks for the advice!

danny G says:

hmm, I guess i’d have to see you throw, but 150 – 200 feet is not bad for
someone who’s only been playing since may. The fact that your discs are
light may contribute to your short distance in that light discs are harder
to control and get chopped up by the wind. Try learning a power grip, takes
more technique, try getting better plastic, Champion or Star or ESP. Snap
your wrist upon release, watch a pro and have them teach you how but watch
them closely and keep your head down.

danny G says:

how long have you been playing? what type of discs do you throw and what
are their weights?

220friend says:

@storminmorman50 try bringing the disk from higher to lower in the
release..start above the shoulder and bring it down slightly at an
angel..and focus on keeping the disc flat and straight on release.

Grant Roberts says:

all he did was throw a big hyzer on the second throw.

ylm1970 says:

i think he’s trying to mate with the disk whens he’s demonstating

AVandelay2000 says:

Great vid! But I don’t think the point is to NOT put a lot of energy into
the drive, as you suggest, but that a smooth, flat delivery is the
foundation of a strong drive. Barry’s seemless biomechanics make it look so
easy! Once you’ve got the grip and smooth, flat technique, as Barry demos
so well, just step up the kinetics to add distance. Thanks for this
fantastic vid!!!

anoj155 says:

I’ve met him before at old orchard open in Minnesota

NYtoPDX says:

@storminmorman50 What discs are you using? The discs you have may be too
overstable for your skill level. The Discraft comet and the Discraft buzz
are nice straight flying discs. They aren’t drivers but they are much more
controllable. The comet is also very useful in the woods and for anhyzer
(left to right) shots. And the buzz is widely considered one of the best
discs available. Also check out the discraft throwing basics video if you
haven’t watched it yet. Hope that helps.

PizzaToTheDome says:

Wow. riverSKYeagle… You’re probably the kind of douche bag I run into on
the course that talk about this drive they had on this whole or this putt
they hit on this hole or explaining how you were trying to put “just a
little anny” on that shot you just took but it didn’t do what you wanted,
basically not being able to hold a real conversation about anything else
besides disc golf AKA GET BENT FAG.

jtd236 says:

I’ve actually had the pleasure of using that disc and it is a great
accurate disc.

Trey Odom says:

@bammikevandmuska try to release the disc when its plane is level and/or
parallel to the ground. ie, your hand-axis swings around even with the
ground. another thing is to tilt the outside edge of the disc (relative to
your throwhand) slightly upwards, so that it releases slightly canted to
the “right”. this counters its tendency to immediately head left after the
“sprint” period (the time when its momentum is greater than its inertia)
and leads to the desired “s curve” of good long drive

paintballlpplayer45 says:

yeah i agree. i use a 180 and its really stable, and i get pretty good

jrodfrizplay says:

you should play ultimate

MKEdubstep says:


seahorse42 says:

I want more seven

Brian Cox says:

Runnier 22 you tit asking all these? boy u need jesus

ruiner22 says:

does anybody have an idea what course this is?

themoderateextremist says:

good tip. I know many times I’ve driven hard to attempt to get a hole in 1,
only to shoot way left or right and end up getting a 3 or 4. If I had
simply just tried to land somewhere in front of the basket, then I get an
easy 2. slow and steady betty.

charlie mcarthur says:

PlanB if yer talking about the guy in the video.. he is a pro, Ive met him
at the Kansas city wide open. Hes a nice guy and you sir, are a moron.
thenextbigshed.. yes its awesome and one of the few reasons I would tell
you to move to the states..

csramin says:

I’ve watched your first throw over and over and over… it’s a beautiful
thing. Thanks.

AgendaTwenty-Fun says:

@uguysarefried Discs, Costanza. And, yes, I do. I just started though. Had
I played a few years ago things would be different.

Phil Yang says:

That’s an excellent tip. lol

Timothy Stratton says:

i just started disc golfinng at Wickham park in CT. It’s so beautiful
there. It is such a relaxing thing to do. I’m currently trying to refocus
myself on accuracy first, distance second. I mean, yes you want to use all
of your energy and get the disc to go as far as possible, but a focus on
accuracy usually means you’ll get it to go more in the right direction,
hence a longer shot overall…

Froggies505 says:

Barry is the man!!!!

uguysarefried says:

does anyone throw frisbees completely sober

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