Golf Strategy: Course Management 101
Click the link above to learn how to start shaping shots:

I bet you have noticed how PGA Tour players manage the course so well. It appears that they never make a mistake.

Course management is key to great golf.

Well part of good strategy is good ball flight control, that is a given. But the lesser known part is how to break down a hole.

In this video I give several examples of how to break down a golf course and give yourself the best chance of making a lot of birdies and minimizing bogeys.
Click the link above to learn how to start shaping shots:

8 thoughts on “Golf Strategy: Course Management 101

  1. Not sure if you guys watch any of the videos. I found this
    interesting, and I do use “the wall” in my game. So many people you play
    with, have no concept of this, and it’s an easy way to save a few strokes.

  2. Yes, you can adjust where you move these lines depending on the severity of
    the trouble. Sometimes it is much better to miss in the bunker than in the
    rough. You can adjust the setup of the wall and starting line to give you
    the best rate of success. ~Clay Ballard

  3. Thanks Clay for this great visualization of the wall and trouble you and
    Chuck have really helped me get my game back on track! Keep it up!

  4. Thank you. You will really like the 9 day series that goes along with this
    video. You can click the link in this video, or the description of this
    video to watch those videos also. ~Clay Ballard

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