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Rick delivers straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of his viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond.


  1. looks like I’m gonna have to save some £££ for lessons.. only for the
    driver do I struggle swing path, whilst I know what does what, I’m yet to
    learn my body how to perform the movement. *sigh*

  2. No.4 Good putting. It’s very hard to get a good final score if you can’t
    control your short game.

    Being good at putting will not only just lower your score! It will also
    boost your confidence during the days you aren’t swinging as well. Knowing
    that your short game will be there to help you, if you hit a poor shot.

    Fantastic video as usual Rick !:) I wish I had a coach as good as you. I
    have no coach so it’s hard to improve at times when you aren’t exactly sure
    what you’re doing wrong 🙁 I usually coach myself using a camera and use
    basic golf knowledge (checking my posture, spine angle, swing path in the
    downswing, weight transfer, shaft lean, grip, aim). And looking at my
    divots to figure out my path and angles. I can’t afford to buy a launch
    monitor and none of the coaches nearby currently use one. It’s not always
    easy when you’re on your own and want to play golf tournaments for a

    Thanks for helping me become a better golfer with your fantastically
    informative videos Rick ! Maybe if I’m lucky some day, I could have a coach
    as good as you.

  3. My path is my problem. With my irons I play beautiful baby draw about 5
    yards right to left but with my driver I tend to slice it . starts off
    great but then just dramatically slices to the right. Liked this style of
    video by the way. Keep up the good work. 

  4. Hey Rick I was also wondering if I could keep my baseball grip and still
    get great strike,control, and power.
    I am 15 years old a 10 handy cap I’ve only been playing for 2 years and I
    just want to get better,please help.

  5. Mission Impossible – become a great golfer ha ha ha – at my age there is
    only one way my game is going over the next few years – I now pretty much
    hit the ball at the bottom centre of the arc but i now tend to do it
    reliably, I really only hit down on it in heavy rough – it works for me – i
    hit it dead straight though, lately I have been trying to learn to shape
    the ball, I suspect that is the cause of my golfer’s elbow – power I don’t
    need – interesting video :-)

  6. Rick, I’ve played golf for 2 summers now and this last one I was able to
    get my score down from 100+ to low 90s and even in the 80s on my home
    course. I was able to start playing 3-4 times a week with the sun and my
    work schedule. I’m thinking of looking to get some lessons but don’t know
    the first thing to look for in a PGA Professional. I live in Southern
    California so there is a golf course every 5 miles it seems like and each
    having their own pro at the course so I feel like I have a lot of options.
    Any tips for finding a coach that really wants to help me improve the game
    I have rather than just giving the usually go around the mill. As always,
    thanks for posting this videos they’re super informational and very much

  7. Reminds me a bit of Bobby Clampett’s book “The Impact Zone”. That book
    started to change my mind about technique and I’ve gotten into low single
    digits (w /blades :). One trick to try – take a lofted wedge and learn to
    pitch it 50 yards and low. You’ll have to get your hands ahead of the ball
    and make clean strikes. That same basic feeling works on less lofted clubs
    but it won’t be as exaggerated.

    Currently I work on sweet spot, trajectory and distance control. What I
    don’t work on is perfect backswing positions (anymore).

  8. Hi Rick, about this video : I often get good contact and ball flight but i
    don t take any divot. I just brush the grass. What do you think ? What am I
    missing ?

  9. Fantastic vid as usual. There are some days I can do all 3 and then others
    where my entire swing falls apart and it just feels like I’ve never picked
    up a club before. I realize this is golf, but I’m talking complete
    meltdowns. Like I pick the club up and everything feels off or wrong. Any
    experience with this or a tip on how to fix it mid round?

    Cheers from Washington, D.C.!

  10. Excellent video Rick, well explained and something you don’t get too often.
    I used to go to a pro who was all about power, he said ‘ If you get the
    power the rest will follow’ it didn’t impress me at the time but this video
    has just killed that theory. Thanks Rick.

  11. Rick, I love your videos, but you should really give a thanks or nod to the
    originators of the true fundamentals of the swing and playing good golf –
    Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer. AFAIK, they were the ones who first
    categorized the points you make in your video. Also, in order of priority,
    the three points are: Low point control, Power, that order.
    Keep up the great work! Thanks.

  12. Unsurprisingly I really struggle with the 3 of them! I hit the ground
    first, I slice the ball with my long clubs (big time), and when it comes to
    power, well, driver goes 170 yards…
    Not a single coach with launch monitor in my area. Should I just quit Rick?

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