Golf Swing Basics for the Most Power and Accuracy

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Steve Pratt and Jerry Crowell, PGA set you up for the perfect Mike Austin swing by taking you first through the proper fundamentals that set up a great classic golf swing.

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9 thoughts on “Golf Swing Basics for the Most Power and Accuracy

  1. I have severe hand artritis I do swing alot faster and hit the ball great with this swing but since going to the standard grips but my hand hurts afterwards what do I do

  2. Thanks for a very interesting video. This is the first time that I've seen anyone describe the reasons for using a narrower stance. I'm going to try it out tomorrow on the range before I play. Thanks

  3. I like the part about the stance. I tend to take a slightly wider stance and I notice that I will fall back a little after impact. I always thought I wasnt shifting my weight enough to my left side. I have no idea how much a wide stance effects this. I'm going to try to narrow it up a bit to see if that helps. Great video on the foundation of the swing!

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