GOLF SWING BASICS | Stop Losing Your Balance

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In this video MARK CROSSFIELD, AskGolfGuru, is talking you through why you might be struggling with LOSING YOUR BALANCE in your golf swing. If you struggle with controlling your balance Mark has some great GOLF TIPS to help you control your golf swing and strike your golf shots like a pro.

AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield shares over 25 years of experience in golf coaching to answers your golf questions and help you play better golf.

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mark makkar says:

Hi Mark, can you get a video together regarding how to use the ground and how to get a good finishing position, I’m way too armsy especially in the back end of a round and tend not to swing through properly.

Kent Hanna says:

I fall forward on occasion too. It will be interesting to hear what you have to say.

Solomon Li says:

The whole ground forces concept is such a dynamic way to understand how we generate power and still find balance. I’ve heard people say they try to “feel” their center of gravity between the arches of their feet, but there’s so many more directions going on with these forces… Thanks for the explainer Mark! The more I see stuff like this the more I find it interesting to go back to the golf swing and look at it again with new eyes!

Kit Carter says:

The old Ben Hogan book …"be on your toes, but not so much you can't wiggle them.." That always made sense, and I know what that "feels" like. Good preshot check when balance feels off.

Rolf Van Dulst says:

One of our 4 does a "Flatley" after every swing. I'll share this with him to see if it helps.

S G Fiction says:

Balance is my nemesis. Some days it’s all over the place.

Gordon Mcshannock says:

Just watching this and realised its what I do. Will take youre tip to the range this weekend and see if I can sort myself out. Cheers.

Tim Vincent says:

I've always found it to be the opposite for me – I need to feel like I keep my weight back ("in the heels") to stop me falling forward.

Dave says:

Mark, I love your videos and have been a subscriber since the early days. I'm wondering if you could do a video about movements in the golf swing that cause low back pain and how to groove a swing that is easy on the lower back. This is coming from someone who is getting over a back injury that has kept me off the course for over a year. Thank you sir!

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