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In this video I will be talking about why some players tend to lose their balance in the finish position and why it is so difficult for some players to feel stable.
There will be a detailed explanation as to WHY this happens, what you may need to FEEL in order to correct this issue and WHAT drills you can practice to get you feeling the correct position.

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Tim Merrifield says:

You covered the balance issue really well , I now have a much better idea how to correct my falling forward. Thanks very much

Rod Aquino says:

Best instructions ever to understand

Ariel Cao says:

too much time on the bad motion…

claudia melendrez says:

I got a little lost in this one. I do lose balance especially as I get tired. Mainly falling back and not being able to complete my follow through. Will watch again to see if I can figure this out. Great videos though!

Bing Liboro says:

I really like your method of teaching and can relate to your simple lessons explanations. Do you give one on one online instructions/lessons?

Seh Yoon Kim says:

This is exactly what I needed! Great vid coach! Wish I'd seen this years ago! haha

Wong Kee Ing says:

This is my great issue on balancing, hopefully can solve after watching this video. Thank you very much.

Paulie Walnuts says:

This guy is sooo good

Patrick Young says:

I owe you a big thank you . I managed to hit four drives & two five woods off the fairway in a nine hole comp . The temperature was 32 degree I came in feeling the worst for wear . Hopefully this is the beginning of a change to my game . Ireland is not used to such high temperatures more of the same due this a / end plus it's an 18 hole comp. I'm looking forward to improving my game from here out . Thank you once again .

Jaey Sedlacek says:

Yeah, you're very good. Excellent instruction and presentation. Thank you.

Leonard Lau says:

Where do you conduct your classes?

drew phillips says:

Man you make everything look so easy. Perfect presentation, clear easy to follow explanation,

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