Golf Swing Basics

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The golf swing is such a complicated movement it can be hard to know where to start when learning or even trying to improve your golf swing.

I met up with PGA Golf Professional Jack Backhouse to find out how he teaches beginners to swing a golf club and how we can all work on some simple golf swing basics.

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Brian Neeley says:

I'm a 71 year old golfer with a 7 handicap (probably because I live in Florida and can play year round) and I thought this video was the most helpful I've watched in 6 months. It always helps to review the basics. That "hands high behind the shoulder thing" enabled me to hit one 280 yesterday proving once again that it's not strength, it's technique. (OK, I had a little tailwind, but I usually don't mention that.)

Dingle Berry rides again says:

And never leave a ham n egg in your back pocket particularly if it more than three weeks old,the egg goes off and leaves a bang that attracts hounds wot love a good feed!!!!and yes in your back swing things get messy !

The Town Drunk says:

I’m so sick of spammers copying creator’s pics, and trying to scam people out of stuff. This entire comment thread is full of reported replies. Despicable. That aside, always love your content. 20 years of playing later, I still struggle at times. It’s without a doubt the hardest sport on earth, but also the most enjoyable.

Gorf Onibla says:

Very good advice.

baccattack says:

Golf is without doubt the hardest sport I've played. Frustrating and brilliant in equal measure 😂

MidLifeBiker says:

New technology with video is the only way to go if serious.
Ive been playing 3 years now and still a double digit h/c. Its a journey….

ServingMyJesus says:

This is such a timely video as I have just taken my 9 year old grandson to the driving range for the first time. He had a great time and wants to go again. I will show him this video so that he can get the concept of the golf swing. Thank you so much.

Mark Dunn says:

Great Advice, simply explained.

peter kol says:

If I want someone to hit a golf ball keep it simple. Yeah!

Brian Hillis says:

I gain great insights into my golf game – awesome videos

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