Hands and Arms Golf Swing Lesson

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Hands and Arms Golf Swing Lesson with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark helps another golf with his simple and easy to follow ideas around golf swing that might open your mind and help you play some better golf. Learn some simple and very effective golf swing ideas for all levels of golfers to help them improve their golf games.

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Michael Cunningham says:

Is this swing not encouraging the dreaded casting the club

Rhythmic Golf says:

Great job!!!

Serenity says:

5 years old video does not make it obsolete. Was struggling pretty hard in the pass weeks, felt like had an ax in my hands 😬. Took me around 5 minutes to fix it and went from 140 carry to 165 with my 7i…. Thanks chum πŸ‘, impact feels like I'm hitting a soap bubble instead of a cannon ball 😁

Rich S says:

Great video and lesson thanks. Putting tips would be appreciated!!πŸ˜€

DukeSkywalker says:

This is me so bad. I know I’m doing it wrong but can’t change it. Need drills. Lol

Brooke C says:

Complete crap

Jusi Marwan says:

It's not work like that.. there is a force by a body rotation that make swing the club down can make the clubs direction not just down to the ground…

Sam Leggett says:

New golfer here of a few weeks. Love all the help you give.

Snow leopard says:

Like that holding on/ back the force with the body like all good players doπŸ‘

Gerald Solomon says:

Well explained especially for people that have to feel it to understand it. Can't wait to try it out.

Ryan Walker says:

Fantastic video. Really shows how to turn the body

whatshouldbe says:

You did just great!!

Jimmy King says:

this is helpful. I (still total beginner) was just at the range, last night, knew my swing was off and I was 1 gripping too tight, and 2 knew my arm position wasnt right – the soreness was a giveaway. I wish I watched this BEFORE I went to the range, I cant wait to get back out and try this

Roy Eapen says:

I would focus more on how to swing the club correctly rather than spend a lot of time explaining how someone with a poor swing hits the ball.

Morten Riise-Hanssen says:

I believe that the golf swing is done with your hands. The problem with the guy in your video is that his body was not responding to the movement of his hands. This makes it look that he is swinging incorrectly, but I believe there is nothing wrong with picking the club up with your hands. In fact I believe this is how it is done. Dustin Johnson has a simple swing thought focusing on starting the swing with his hands. He should know, he is no 1 in the world.

The Gunny RB says:

I do a similar swing to the Person in your video mad every time I try to swing like you suggest my arms and hands tighten up. Not sure what to do. I do worst in this way.

eddie brown says:

He can talk about extending those arms all he wants on the downswing….but if you've ever started hitting shanks doing that, you'll change your mind quick.

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