Golf Swing Shoulder Turn Tilt

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Jake Mitchell says:

Wow. One of the best "golf fundamental" videos on Youtube, and it's barely getting any attention. The aspect missing from this video is how elite ball strikers begin the downswing with their lower body and torso before the arms complete their turn "back" or to the top – effectively setting the arm/wrist/club angle and providing the opportunity for the slower large muscles to lead and clear. If that proper sequence can be combined with this shoulder plane – where the shoulders rotate on a tilted axis – a much higher level of ball striking can be achieved. The problem is even with fantastic visual instruction like this, it remains impossible to communicate the FEEL of all this. And until the student FEELS it, it's almost impossible to replicate it. That's why the vast majority of golfers obsessively pursue better technique their entire playing lives but only extremely rarely get any better. FEEL remains impossible to communicate from one person to another.

BioGOD009 says:


Leo Chang says:

Man, wish I had you when I was a junior golfer

Sam G says:

great !!
thank you

Overhand Golf Channel says:

Upon further examination I've realized that the plane of the shoulders actually has to be steeper than the swing plane. If you look at the big hitters, they all strike the ball outside or above their shoulder plane line! This means that their hands are on or above the shoulder plane line, which means they're swinging or throwing the club OVERHAND. If you look at a baseball pitcher throwing overhand his hand moves on the shoulder plane but wide with the elbow under the plane. This is not underhand, or sidearm it's overhand. Most people think of overhand as being the hand is way above the shoulder plane but it's just not true. You can even throw overhand with the hand slightly under the shoulder plane. The key to all this is that the hands cannot outrace the body. The shoulders have to turn and deliver the club to the ball before the hands move. The hands NEVER DROP below the shoulder plane! That's where everyone goes wrong. If your hands drop from the top, before the shoulders turn, they're too low and you have to yank them across the pelvis to strike the ball, which causes just about every average golfer's problems – chicken wing, scooping, flipping …

Deacon324 says:

EXCELLENT explanation, Mr. Lopez. Beautiful!!

John says:

What a fantastic use of the plane training aid!

cyuiyu wyguiyui says:

1) Ppl do it wrong because 99 % are not agile enough to do a good swing..
2) This guy has not "Invented" this thing if anyone thinks so,in 1991 a more advanced thing like this was used in a swedish comedy movie.. 😀

John Adams says:

I know this teaching is correct but oh boy is it hard to do when hitting a ball.Getting the right shoulder that low really extends the left side and puts a crunch on the right love handle and lat area.Committing to this move is tough to do.Arms can't dump anymore cause club will hit 2 feet behind ball and this forces right arm to stay bent at impact.

Dave Parsons says:

Excellent, excellent!!!!!!!

Tom A says:

Bobby. That is the BEST shoulder turn explanation/demonstration I've ever seen, and I've watched literally thousands of golf instruction videos and taken dozens of lessons over the last 20 years!! I'm gonna add that to the drill routine.

Jesus Lopez says:

Mr Lopez, I didn't get when you raised the PVC arc and said the golf swing is playing from low to High.
Make totally sense to me, but I don't understand. The ground is flat and I can't visualized the tilt of the plane Could you elaborate that.
Muchisimas gracias.

citysmasher2 says:

Absolutely correct. And the classic swingers tilted to a left hip joint that was shifted past the left foot to take the strain off the back. Not compressing the spine. Also the right shoulder must get closer to the ball because the right arm to the clubhead is significantly shorter with the angles set than at address.

thatwilldonicely says:

great looks just like Tom Watson's 'secret' maintain same spine angle, shoulders tilt around the spine

JC R 66 says:

I have battled the right to left divot forever with inconsistent weak shots. This replace the shoulder with the back shoulder lesson eliminated both problems. Thanks

Danny O says:

"I'm a murderer" haha, you're the best Mr. Lopez.

shinzon k says:

I am just a beginner but i have to ask; wouldn't this on plane turn cause a steep swing and risk chunking?


bobby, do you feel this with pitching & chipping…5, 10, 40 yards??

don hall says:

This is Hugh! Great! Not many instructors teach this. Sheer genius! Thank you Bobby!

Garry Banks says:

Good instruction and I like your humour

Youngsun Kim says:

Great bobby!

jsilva says:

From one Cubano to another thanks for this! Fantastic Bobby!

allen D says:

I wish this guy was my next door neighbor. What a wonderful disposition and sense of humor and such a joy to be around. Why couldn't everyone be just like him. In addition it was a wonderful bit of instruction and so well done and easy to understand. I have always come over the top on the downswing because instructors have always said on the backswing you "turn your left shoulder". They should say "you turn in UNDER"!

John Clark says:

can you use those HAMSTER WHEELS in competition??

just sunny says:

for me the side bend was the final missing piece to my golf swing. In fact tis the most important thing in a golf downswing

John Clark says:

complete load of nonsense. check out David Lee,Gravity Golf.right shoulder down equals weight back,no power, CUT.

e james says:

the problem with the hula hoop is that the downswing plane is different from the backswing plane. It is tilted up and slightly pointed to the right . So you can't get onto it because the hoop is blocking you.

paul woolnough says:

Just love this guy.

Danny Kopp says:

you remind me of lee trevino so much

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