BBG Vs Bobby Lopez PGA, Match Play Vlog

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Golf vlog with PGA teacher Bobby Lopez.

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Filmed on location at Pendleton Golf Club in Ruther Glen, VA. Huge thank you to GM Jim Mason for letting us film and being so hospitable!

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Flew to Virginia for this last week, flying to Mississippi next week to talk and film with Tony Luczak and flying to Arizona the week after that to film with 2011 PGA teacher of the year Mike Malaska. Lots of more exciting content coming that I investing in, if you appreciate it and would like to make a donation of any amount please PayPal to, it all goes right back into content for the channel. ?????️‍♀️

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Andy Morris says:

Could watch you guys all day

Lu Hawkins says:

Rotating around axis of shaft?? if you want to hit it with no loft and way left..

Antonio Jimenez says:

Hi I always have fun watching Bobby it reminds me every single time that I go play with my brothers we always have fun

Howard Shin says:

Bobby sounds like Lee Trevino lol

Robbie White says:

Bobby is good stuff! I'd like to know the pros that use 395cc head tho lol.

Leo Wright says:

If you come to Scotland you can play my course

George Smith says:

What confuses me about Bobby's point of having the shoulders basically change places from the top of the back swing down through contact, is that he criticized what looks to be that same prescribed action in your short iron swing at 20:35 (the swing you asked his opinion on). If you want to get your right shoulder down to where the left shoulder was (under the chin) it seems to me you have to look like what Bobby demonstrated in his critique of that shot.

Danny Kopp says:

did you grow up near scranton?

bunkerputt says:

This guy is awesome. Like a chill version of Lee Trevino. Clubs not 3 degrees closed at impact unless you pull it, though.

Clifton Regis says:

"sell the furniture and go on the road" lol

Danny Jones says:

Gotta love the Bobby, his humour and wit is worth the price of admission.

Danny Jones says:

I enjoyed your vid with Bobby, I watched it twice.
Thanks for posting.

Frank Lilley says:


Robert Galloway says:

BBG what is yr handicap

ReelBassinTV says:

you need to come up to northern California to see the treelined golf courses and cool wood bridges

Baked Potato says:

Love your videos, I've played this course before and it's fantastic. If you ever get a chance to check out Whiskey Creek golf course please do. It's located in Ijamsville, MD which is slightly west of Frederick, MD. Whiskey Creek is hands down one of my favorite course in the DMV.

D Martins says:

You do aim way right on your shots.

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