Golf Swing Top Down View – Super Slow Motion

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This is a really cool top down view of my swing in super-slow motion.

You rarely see this angle and expecially in full HD super-slow motion.

If you want to learn how to build a powerful, effortless golf swing like mine, my new book and video series teaches you just that.

I called The Body Swing.

If you learned golf as an adult you learned the wrong way to swing. From the very first ball you ever hit, you tried to hit it with your arms. Pros are using their body to hit the ball so unless you learn this way of swinging, you will never play to your potential.

The Body Swing Includes:

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17 thoughts on “Golf Swing Top Down View – Super Slow Motion

  1. This is the only view showing how close right arm is to the body in the downswing. This helps so much. A suggestion, place camera at golf ball view on an angle capturing swing.

  2. Please rotate this video to upside down orientation. Nobody can get a natural swing feeling/thought from a video if the golfer is facing them. It only serves the instructor.

  3. Look at the angle of where the chest is pointed vs. the arms at 0:550:57. That's lag, unlike wrist cock (that many confuse for lag). Want to see it in extreme? Check out JB Holmes – He does this to an even greater degree. In fact, if Paul here could get his trail elbow a little more in front and increase that chest/arms angle (ala JB), I'm betting he could hit it even farther.

  4. Beautiful swing, love the vantage point and speed of the video. My question is, on most of your videos you suggest just getting your right knee over to your left. That’s all, that simple. But when I watch this in actuality your hands are all the way down to your right thigh before your right knee moves. Which is more upper body driven, which I believe is correct. I don’t believe in the “ground up” theory. Yes they move and yes they are part of the power but they don’t fire first. No we couldn’t swing standing on ice but just the fact that of distance the hands have to travel proves our upper body has a lot of work to do before our knees get involved. I’m very interested in your thoughts. Thanks j

  5. This is a great video. You should do more at new angles like this and like the one you did in the shoulders video hitting the iron. Those really gave a good idea of the lag in your swing and angle of the shaft. There are only a few videos like this on you tube.

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