FREE Golf LAUNCH MONITOR app for iPhone! Too good to be true?

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In this video Rick Shiels PGA Golf Professional reviews the Shotvision golf launch monitor app on his iPhone!

With the growing trend in golfers wanting to use a launch monitor it's super exciting that you can now download an app onto your iPhone to track your golf ball! But is it good?

Rick downloads the app onto his iPhone 11 Pro but it will also work (obviously) on the brand new iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max and the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini!

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Rick Shiels Golf says:

Are you team iPhone or Android? PS what shall I review next?

Matthew Cirillo says:

Why not actually measure the distance, and see if in fact the GC Quad is more accurate…? But, the GC Quad says I hit it longer, so it must be right!

Tatty Matty says:

what phone stand do you use ??

PAUL H.S says:

what I try is put tablet behind me on range and hit balls in to the sky on record though . only thing is I am right handed but I look left handed.

PAUL H.S says:

Well hi I can not get this app in playstore , any ideas

rmp5s says:

20K+ for that thing? Wut…why? lol

Chace Akers says:

Rick absolutely love your work. This is great analysis on a a few tool. It has been a year and in the world of technology, that is a huge time delta. Are the improvements in phones and app development adding benefit to this golf launch monitor or still roughly not going to work for a pro tour.

Zac Bell says:

Has this come out for Android yet?

Roland Schlichting says:

Hi there. A year late to the party. But honestly, I feel that the driving range already gives me pretty distance. What I am curious about is swing speed. After watching this video it appears that works quite well. And it’s free. I think thats pretty cool. Sadly golf season is pretty well over, but looking forward to next spring. Thank you for the review.

Emmanuel Roodt says:

Hi. Could you do a test between the GC and a rangefinder on a par four?

Ambrose says:

For 20k i would kinda expect an lcd screen

Alfreedom says:

Love your honesty, and thoroughness.

Bryan Harness says:

For average golfer that's close enough for 10 bucks or whatever it is 🇺🇸. You in a special kind of perspective, [receiving best of best always just sent for free mostly] for us weekend guys its not an issue

Dan Kosek says:

Rick, which iPhone did you use? It makes a big difference in CPUs, Memory, cameras… yours looks like an iPhone 6s to an iPhone 8…

David Guenthner says:

I would have liked to have seen you check the real carry distance to qualify both machines.

Chris Snyder says:

Did you walk off the yardage to see accuracy of these devices? Which one is closest to actual measured distance? Thank you.

Derek N says:

Hey Rick.
Thanks for videos.
I’m hitting range tomorrow.
Since this video do u recommend anything else.
Free app through iPhone at range.

Ray Rapp says:

Hi Rick, from what I have just seen the free app looks very hit and miss. Indeed, I suspect it is as much to do with chance that the app is accurate if you give it enough attempts. For example, your ball speed of 168.8 if you double it and then subtract 15% should give you the carry distance i.e. 286yds and club head speed of 114mph doubled and add 25% gives 285yds. However, the app is showing 275.9yds. So even if the first two numbers are correct the last one should be wrong.

Ken Brown says:

my take would be that it is better than no monitor. but it's certainly limited and anyone looking for a serious monitor should consider paying for a purpose built one.

Kris Dumigan says:

Great video. But I bet it woulda been more consistent if you set it up near your lead foot and a driver length away from the target line like they tell you to do in the setup instructions

Bryan Swift says:

Free vs $20,000 . I’d say it’s close enough

STUFF 'N SUCH! says:

How does it know if your hitting a muffin of a ball or not? Why wouldn't the app be calibrated for a different ball and the gcquad some other brand ?

alexei bates says:

Big up sas golf love his videos just as I love urs nice to hear shout outs !!

Anonymous says:

Did anyone notice the tee jumping up, spinning and digging back into the ground at 8.24 (most impressive thing for me about this video), great shot Rick !

codykidable says:

As somebody who has just started golfing this year I'd have to say for under 20 dollars a month it is definitely worth it to give a ballpark range of where I can expect to land with any given club. It's a good budget friendly option for someone who is curious about the info given but doesnt want to spend a large amount to acquire that said information

bill ding says:

Right to the point Rick. Many thanx,

Philip Read says:

Really interesting comparison. For onl £7 if gives us amateurs an idea of distances

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