GOLF: The Best Swing For Senior Golfers

The Best Swing For Senior Golfers

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So the older you get – or the less flexible you are – maybe you can't quite rotate your body as much either on the way back or on the way through. Are there some mechanical things you could do to increase the rotation relative to where you are? Absolutely. But are you as a 75 year old guy who works out once a week going to rotate like a 25 year old kid who works out every day and has a chiropractor and a trainer with them all the time on the PGA tour? Probably not.

If you just want to play the best you can with what you have, here’s what I would do. Number one is I wouldn't focus as much on trying to get the rotation in the forward swing. I would focus on getting the rotation during the back swing.

There are some things I can do to pre-set more rotation in the backswing. The first is stance. I would want to use the closed stance line where your right foot is a little bit farther back because I want to focus on at least getting a full turn on the way back. Second is foot flare. If I want more turn going back, I want to have the foot turned – or flared – out because that will help me turn the most. Third I want to have the ball position more back than normal.

Part number two of this now is going to be how the club and swing direction work. With the two stations I demonstrate in this video, I'm going to preset everything we do based on trying to get the club working in a draw pattern. If we're going to give up some of the body rotation in the follow through, we're going to preset a swing direction that works more from the inside. It’s going to exit more to the right, going to be a little bit higher than normal and maybe even have a little bit more arm rotation than normal. All of that is to maximize what you guys have.

You must maximize turn going back and you must maximize extension on the way through. We want to make your swing direction more inside out. The slower your club head speed, the more your swing direction should be inside out to maximize getting the ball up in the air high enough so you can hit it far enough to effectively play the course and have fun.


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22 thoughts on “GOLF: The Best Swing For Senior Golfers

  1. Excellent explanation of the truth of the situation that still allows those less physically fit to continue years of enjoyment. You continue to impress with new content that is helpful for the recreational golfer and students of the game. Thank You!

  2. I have been doing this lately and its helping my distance very much! Im only 47 and its really working for me. I was just trying to set up to hit big draws and noticed right away I was getting better carry yardage.

  3. Great content, I also find myself "chopping" a bit more in this swing pattern, lifting the club a tad in the backswing, and it seems to add spin and therefore lots of carry. Make sense ?

  4. Great advice. Took a lesson once from a pro who wanted me to swing like a tour pro. He told me all of the pros get a lot of turn back and through. I agreed that they did, but then informed him I wasn't a golf pro. This is what all of us aging golfers aspiring to get better or maintain a decent handicap need to hear. Otherwise we're just going to hurt ourselves and drop out of the game altogether.

  5. Enjoy your lessons. I'm 72, highly arthritic, poor flexibility. I have used this method for some time with decent results. However, I can't get rid of the hook. I've weakened the grip but everything still ends up left. I would love to exit more left but just can't seem to get over there. Any suggestions?

  6. Gold. Just gold. One thought, stronger left hand grip, showing at least two knuckles — since the flip action of such an arm swing can result in some snap hooks.

  7. As an 82 year old golfer who has watched a myriad of YouTube videos on golf advice, this is the most helpful and practical blog I have seen. Thank you for this.

  8. Thank you. This video is very helpful. My father needs to see this asap. He loves the game but is a bit concerned about his deminishing ability. Your instruction is excellent.

  9. I am in my 60s and follow your clips a lot. Been working a lot on my game and on my fitness but this is a most helpful adaptation. I am glad that I already adjusted my stance the way you suggest but the one thing that I did not think of is the ball position. Using zepp 2 on the course regularly showed me that my back motion turn was only about 30% rather than 45 or so so the set up really helps. Also my downward turn was largely over 50-60 per cent so the shallowing inside out and shaft more raised on finish will really help balance the bias out and hopefully address the pulls I have tended to make. You mention face closed to path as a combination with in to our- I assume that balances the pull into a draw. Rarely ever slice so that’s not the problem for me.

  10. Golf is difficult enough but becomes even more challenging as we get older and lack flexibility. Your video is outstanding for us seniors to help maintain club head speed and maximize rotation! Thank you!!!

  11. Kudos for addressing the unique issues of senior golfers, although I think the category starts much younger than age 75. I also think seniors are the majority of your viewers. Another outstanding video; you are in a league of your own!

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