GOLF: The Secret To More Rotation In Your Golf Swing

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The Secret To More Rotation In Your Golf Swing

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Let’s talk about rotation during your downswing. We've done a lot of different videos in the past about rotation, but one piece we haven't talked about is compressing yourself down or into the ground during your down swing. What I mean by that is literally getting your body segments closer to the ground during the downswing. The more you do that, the easier it will be to rotate in your golf swing.

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If you are someone who struggles with early extension, your hips go in towards the ball, your legs straighten and your chest gets farther from the ground, you are always going to struggle with rotation. You want to do the opposite of those movements.

From the top of the backswing, I want you to bend your knees a lot and I want your upper body to get closer to the ground. The less you do those two pieces, the harder the rotation is going to be and the more you do those two pieces, the easier the rotation is going to be.
If you're someone who typically gets farther from the ball, this going to feel like you don't have a lot of room to get to the ball in your downswing. You're going to have to learn how to bend your right arm and bend your right wrist in order to do this and that’s a good thing. I'm telling you, when you just get the compression parts down, you'll start to see a much better look at impact and you're going to get a lot of the rotation for free.


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Ron Szukala says:

It’s a lot easier to come over the top when you have early extensions. The rotation piece allows the club to shallow better. As I fought early extensions for years, putting this all together takes a lot of practice but the results are much more consistent, better ball strikes. Another great, easy to understand video.

Kelly McKenney says:

Great video and clear explanation, Eric. What about with the driver? I am gradually and slowly beating my early extension with the irons but I am fairly straight up when I make contact with my driver. Any thoughts?

peter seguin says:

You get lag as well

John Hue says:

Eric, This lowering from the top by increasing the knee bend and jackknifing the upper body over in transition is a super important concept that goes against strong primal instincts and is one that you really have to sit on and take seriously. I have done all the touching the chair stuff with your backside but under pressure the old early extension habits would resurface. It is only by really practicing bending the knees a lot and really jackknifing the upper body over have managed to build a habit where I feel I have a very good chance of klling the early extnsion once and for all. I have done extensive research on swinging motions over the years but have only really come accross the concept of really bending the legs and jackknifing the upper body over from watching your uploads and that has made a huge difference and been the missing piece. How did you arrive at this revalation where did you get that concept from? It is super important and made a huge difference to me .Thanks

F Dustin Stearns says:

This is the best that I have ever heard it explained. Well done. Just Do It.

ian campbell says:

Great video – I’m rebuilding my swing with the help of a pga pro and this rotation swing is the way to go but it will take time to master.

Nathaniel Castor says:

Wow, this video is actually great. I had to watch it at 2x speed to even get to interesting content (I recommend skipping to 4 MINUTES so you don't break your keyboard with a head impact) then it gets amazing (stay above 1.25 speed).

kampanart sripan says:

How about the driver? It can apply this method?

Richard Bohot says:

Ok I'm gonna start on compressing down. being 6'7 it should be interesting

Richard Bohot says:

I want to see an instructor actually have a person with them on the video that has the problem you are explaining like someone with early extension. not really easy to figure out how to fix an issue watching someone who doesn't have the issue and hits pure shots

Bryan Sprenger says:

Just curious but why should one pay for your content, if we already get this stuff for free?

James Jones says:

I don’t understand. I have to bend my knees and bend over to get closer to the ground? Hmmmmmm

Mike Iafeta says:

Thanks so much for this. Subscribed ?

Weng Hoe Koh says:

Same for driver and fairway wood?

Praise IAmThatIAm says:

Do you do video critiques in the premium section?


8:24 Bush Keopka the latest guy to join the tour ?? Great video Eric always love watching your videos.

Steven Gullion says:

It seems to me that "getting low" in the downswing and shallowing the club go hand-in-hand. If you squat, the downswing plane has to flatten out or you'll just stick the club in the ground. Right?

Luis Felipe Urbaneja says:

Got any video for toehits,? is that caused by early extension? i see no videos regarding toe hits on the site, Luis

TJ Stenger says:

Hey Eric, just wanted to say thanks for all these videos. My friend showed me your Instagram account two years ago, been following and watching these videos since. Keep it up man, easily the best instructor I’ve seen.

Jeremy Harper says:

Nice concepts but GG actually explains what he teaches, you will never hear a good teacher say "how? Just do it"…. Quite frustrating when the facade of knowledge appears. Not saying you do not know the explanation, but maybe work on actually explaining things in your videos instead of just half the puzzle. I also understand maybe this is a member only feature, however, I think if you share information that can actually really help a person's game, teach them how to fish if you will, you will get more subscriptions, make more money, etc etc..

David Merritt says:

Fabulous Eric! Best anti-EE video I’ve seen. Thanks so much.

James Shanahan says:

Really good Eric. I literally do the opposite, knees extend and lose forward flexion which is early extension. Can hit great shot but no consistency and little compression unless everything matches up. When I do the opposite like u explain I feel like I run out of room and I will pound the ground. The only way to make the squat, forward flexion work is- real rotation, maintain wrist angle, and right lateral bend.

Paul Koppenheffer says:

Eric: great vid on how to cure early extension. The squat and cover with the chest really works, makes it very easy to rotate. when you do it right you feel like your arms have a ton of room to swing as the hip is not invading your down swing path. when you learn how to time the push off the ground before impact, ball striking really improves. When I squat, I have to feel like my front hip is pointing a little to the ground to make the rotation work best. All your videos on early extension have really been top shelf, much appreciated.

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