Meandmygolf give a good and simple routine to help align the body correctly and more consistently to the target


  1. If you wish to find out about golf swings in details, you will find out about the techniques and tricks of right golf swings through the “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it). The guide’s basis for its guidelines are the techniques and secrets of skilled golf players from world events. I have read 1/2 of this particular book and also the concepts are wonderful. Right after learning the techniques, I tried it instantly and I scored low 80s rounds 3 times consecutively. .

  2. These golf swing strategies “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it) discuss the golf swing in fantastic detail. The guide’s grounds for its guidelines are the techniques and tricks of expert golfers from world events. I`ve read 1/2 of this particular book and also the ideas are great. Right after learning the secrets, I tried it right away and I obtained low 80s rounds 3 times in a row. .

  3. When I was still a beginner, I managed to achieve a slice and one hundred fifty yards by conducting a regular drive. When I tried out the “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it) golf swing techniques, the regular drives I strike range between 200-220 yards. Sometimes even longer. Today, my handicap is 16 when compared with when I was beginning with twenty six. Search the guide and try making use of it today.. .

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  5. I was able to secure a 73-point shot after reading, rehearsing, and doing the methods evident in golf swing strategies “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it). I also managed to hit 13-18 greens and that was the finest one I had since I began playing. On the other 5 holes, I got close to striking 5-10 yards with the green. 73s isn`t a natural thing for me because I have a handicap of 9. It`s been can be a very long time since I made an excellent round.. .

  6. Wonderful videos guys. I used to play competitive high school golf. Best round 3 under par. Put the clubs down for more than 15 years. Trying to play again but off and on in the mid 80s.

    After your videos i started to get my swing back and striking the ball very solid.

    Thanks a bunch.

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