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In this golf lesson golf instructor Steve Bishop discusses some popular takeaway methods, his whole club takeaway method, and examine some common faults among golfers. These tips will help you swing on plane from the very start.


tomaskroky says:

yeah great video, great instruction…you really helped me to improve my
golf swing, you are right, i must stop thinking about body, shoulders,
arms….and just move the club naturally

sessien says:

Great videos! Thank you.

spadecat says:

Excellent advise. Results in a one-piece takeawy, which is what one wants.
Swing is absolute money.

crimn says:

i like this video, but you keep showing the wrong way to take the club
back, over and over and over as opposed to the proper way. if you could
show more of taking it back on plane, then our minds will remember that.

speedofsoundllc says:

Been working on this concept for several weeks now, and I’m very pleased
with the results. Easy takeaway allows me to focus more upon my swing
through the ball, so far with very solid shots. Great advice, thanks again!

Michael Turner says:

dude please get a better quality camera this is torture

Steve Bishop says:

I don’t recall saying any one of them is “bad”. I’m advocating the way I
illustrate because it accomplishes the goal of the others. It is the one I

irlnd32 says:

My hands kind of take over, I have a Furyk type of top of the backswing.
I’m not the ball striker he is, though.

Steve Bishop says:

@Dreama40 Thank you for the kind words Dreama. The rest of the backswing is
pretty simple really. Continue turning the shoulders until your left
shoulder is out over your right leg. You should then feel like you are
going to touch your right shoulder with the shaft of the club. You cannot
actually accomplish this unless you let go of the club, but the thought
helps to put the club in the best spot for the forward swing.

ruud76 says:

Really solid advice. I was waiting to see it demonstrated and that swing
was just pure.


I have had a number of lessons to cure my inside/over the top swing but
nothing has got my backswing into the correct path until I found your
video! Less is more! you are a very natural, informative teacher, thanks

leonar66 says:

Hi steve are you advocating a one swing plane? which to me anyway seems
more natural.

robb1031 says:

that’s a nasty ass looking driving range

taylorwigg22 says:

this is my favorite of all of your videos … i don’t have everything else
to say, u should do something for the Golf Channel lol

Steve Bishop says:

Good job martinpklehmann. I’m glad it helped you.

Ogameone says:

for me this guy is a teacher by nature. i´m a beginner at golf and try to
add his tips to establish my swing. actualy yesterday on the range i found
out me tending to bent the left arm on backswing. so i tried to hold it
more stiff but this caused a lot of tension. the fullswing method feels
like to fix this. only i help a bit with my left knee turning towards the
ball for a better turn. is this okay? or is this might caused by a wrong

juicyfruitzy says:

that was an awesome lesson. Wish all golfers could see this. Thank you!

James Meyer says:

Steve, Brilliant video! It has improved my swing tremendously. A couple
thoughts; how do I know when to begin my downswing? I seem to be over
swinging. Also, I’m making descent contact, but not creating any divots.
Thanks in advance.

speedofsoundllc says:

Just dropping in to say hello and update my progress since finding this
video. Worked on “grooving” this feeling over the winter months. As the
golf season/weather is now “open” for me, I’m very pleased. I’m going to
shoot some video and post it up, and would like to also send it to you,
Steve (per your website). Thanks again for the great instruction! Going to
try a few pointers from the setup video now…

Daniel Colomar Dugo says:

Hi Steve! a question. In my stance I have the tendency to forward-press the
club so the grip(with every club) is in front of my left leg (the inner
part). I would like to know your opinion, maybe I’m doing a big mistake and
I don’t know. If not, should my clubface be open as consequence of the
forward press or it should still be square, what for my look like quite
shut position? Thanks a lot

Justin King says:

Early Wrist Cock… hehehehee.. make it butt head proof in your lingo

Tejinder Singh Rawal says:

great video. Thanks for sharing. Bobby Rawal, India

Damian Hunter says:

@ringerdaman hey dipshit , what your basically showing is a one piece

Darrendeans1 says:

great vid mate is this same for driver

viola128 says:

great info on the take away, great lesson. also, what a beautiful swing
you’ve got.. thx

coolroy34 says:

Thanks “RingerDaMan” for posting this video, very simple instructions for
something that can help my swing. u da man.

Panapa Lafoai says:

Thank you Steve, this is the most helpful and very clear instuctions for a
golfer like me who makes a lot of mistakes you mentioned. Honestly I hardly
ever sliced or hooked the ball on a couple of rounds I had after watching
this video. Thanks heaps mate!!!!!!!!Well done, you are the man..

Keith Miller says:

I’m a one piece takeaway kinda guy.

juicyfruitzy says:

I rather have a nasty ass looking driving range and great instruction than
a nice looking driving range with crap advice which there is a lot of on


steve you are da man.been tryin to play golf for about 5 years had a couple
of leasons in the beginning,occasionally broke 100.last year nearly put my
clubs on ebay but thought better of it, so i had a lesson a month over the
winter, guess what i have been hitting the ball much better but my scores
havent improved.last week i discovered this lesson practiced at the range a
couple of times and been for a round tonight, steve i went around in 88
thanks steve you really are da man.

Dreama40 says:

Hi Steve, great video there !! Excellent presentation of the one piece on
plane takeaway. Could you take this one step further and tell me your
thoughts on completing the swing from the toe up half way back position.
Thanks in Advance…

robb1031 says:

if your in the golf business you need to know how to grow grass

fabiobernardo22 says:

Great tip…. doing this i cured my hook!!!!!! toe club pointing to sky….
Thanks man!!!!!!!!

xnnxnnx says:

hey bro, i must say that this really was a helpful video, i know already
its gonna take some strokes off the score card. thx.

Rumrunner7777 says:

I believe that most golf instructions never teaches one what they need to
know to really come to peace with a swing. I know that my back swing and
takeaway has changed constantly. It has gone from each of the first three
you described many times over. I feel that a positional back swing leads to
a compulsion that causes me go to an extreme with any one position I am
trying to reach. This leads to the ultimate failure of the technique in a
short time. You have helped my game so much thanks.

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