GOLF Training AID for more shaft lean and Driver Smash! Be Better golf

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Tristan says:

I believe in this product. The longest players on the planet have the MOST LAG TENSION at impact. Lag in the downswing means NOTHING if you cannot create an angle as wide as possible between your lead arm and club head at impact. The wider the angle, the further you will hit the ball with no speed increase! Dont take my word for it, go look at DJ and Champ's impact!

e james says:

muscle memory is THE best training technique, bar none. I have a kuchar putter for practicing to "ingrain" that feeling of not breaking the wrist. . The only problem is that the effect does start to wear off, usually well before reaching the 18 th hole.

Juan Miranda says:

Your swing is looking better. Keep it up.

Billy Graham says:

It seems to me — my 2 cents — that this is a lesson on turning the hips sooner, for a less "handsy" swing.

My other observation is that Brendan doesn't like using his hips, doesn't like turning them earlier in the downswing, so he waits, but waits too long, and ends up with a little more "handsy" swing — which he indicates he wants to get away from…

L J says:

Just bought one and tried it out last night. It's a beauty! For me more than anything it helps reinforce and practice the correct sensations. I firmly believe it could also help fix other parts of your swing if you know how to achieve impact and beyond.

Luca Taylor says:

Buy bounce array pattern criticism as mix reach graduate apparent.

John Powell says:

Kelvin Miyahira was the inventor as i purchased mine years ago directly from Kelvin. Always give credit where credit belongs… For some people it may work but I am against holding the right wrist after watching Monte Scheinblum's videos. I purposely flip my right wrist and its made all the difference in my short and long game.

Paul Melidosian says:

Just bought the snap thing because I actually lag too much. Yup, I'm a very high spin player and need some help controlling the spin as I'm losing distance. Shipping was included and they accept Paypal.

Steven Hogan says:

Take this guy with you to the Practice range in your bag. Pull it out … make all the snap sounds and then hide it …. people will wonder where the hell that sound is coming from. LOL … but really. I realy like to exaggerate the move … then go hit afew balls as punches and then pick up and go home. You don't always have to pound the ball to play. Go out there and Punch it around the course and see how your score changes if at all.

John Miles says:

How does this square with Luksac's and Malaska's teaching of throwing the club with the right hand and releasing the club as soon as possible.

Michael Becker says:

I ordered this off of amazon because of a tourney that I have coming up and did not want to wait. I will let you know how it goes, but I have a feeling this will move me from the low 80s plateau I am on. Scratch golf here I come.

Aleksey Lavochin says:

Look at Mike Bender Instagram new post. Similar to this.

Aleksey Lavochin says:

To me this is one of the most important things in the golf swing. Not flipping!

L J says:

Bradley Hughes says you can't just simply put yourself into a flat left wrist position. A flat position is a vapor trail borne from doing other things correctly. The guy is a 2 time Australian Masters winner and played on a President's cup team. Likely knows what he's talking about. Would be great for Brendan to spend time with Hughes and make a video. BH teaches in South Carolina.

Andy V says:

Be good to see if you improve from doing this and any distance gains

Eric Takahashi says:

I think you get the speed from swinging thru the bottom and impact with forward shaft lean or hands in front of club head. Kind of like a baseball hitter actually hits the ball before he breaks his wrists, but you are not just lunging forward you are "whipping" the club around the bottom corner but turning thru with forward shaft lean, or whipping the club thru the turn but not allowing it to pass your hands. Your body can only turn so fast so you are not getting the speed from turning your body super fast, so you are using centrifugal arm swing with the outer end of your arms being your wrists or the snuff box bone of your left wrist instead of "throwing" the club past your right index finger in a throwing motion.

Luis Felipe Urbaneja says:

anti malaska ….

inathaniel11 says:

Shaft lean with a driver seems counterintuitive. Wouldn’t that promote striking down on the ball and a steeper shaft plane.

spazbitte says:

Reminds me alot of what you can see on Mike Benders Instagram. The wrist condition and release he teaches in right in line with this aid.

jw228w says:

Good lesson.Years ago i read a harvey Pennick lesson about hitting ball under a imaginary bench in front of you,to compress ball and hit better distance.this impact snap setting reminds me of that harvey their a difference? it seems to be good for short half swings,but how/when do you release the club after you hit the ball and full swing?thanks john

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