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KELSEY IS BACK!!! We had an absolute blast out at Santaluz Club with the Golfholics! Should Kelsey do more golf guys? Let us know. Also make sure you follow the Golfholics. Super cool dudes and their videos are pristine! See ya in the next one.

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Hannah Crosthwaite says:

Why is Kelsey not doing videos anymore?

GamingHighlightsDaily says:

brody do more stuff like this

corey wills says:

Kelsey real nice to look at amazing eye candy

MATTHEW GOH CHIN LIN (Student) says:

is kelsey brodies sister or gf

fightwatcher07 says:

wait, what? She was 130 yards from the green, and she went with a 5 wood? wtf

Michael Bluth says:

Dude you have unreal talent

Michael Bluth says:

Pumped s 6i over 220? Damn son!

Marshall Thorne says:

The answer is, if she has fun why not play golf?

Tom says:

I remember watching these and mike was better than marko now it seems the tables have turned

Erik Castellanos says:

you're a better man than me Brodie, my worst nightmare is my gf liking golf.

John Luck says:

I love video I like sub bell

Declan Moore says:

LETS GOOO!!!!!!!

Aj Nawabi says:

Brodie dope the chick is dope other two dudes whack

Brian Farmer says:

I miss the brodie and kelsey YouTube videos

James Harrity says:

2 months into golf are you kidding me I call bullshit lol

Pam Launi says:

Good job kelsey

Mark Sheehan says:

Thats some impressive golf for only 2.5 months playing!

Phil Hutton says:

TOO MUCH GOLF, not enough Kelsey. She is great on camera. Funny, natural, pretty and now a golfer. Get Kelsey her own channel.

Chris Baker says:

Wow! I've been playing golf for years and Kelsey literally has a better weight transfer and holds her spine angle better than me. Super impressed!! What a natural.

ninh s says:

Question: why does coach ha e little dots on his putting ball? Visual reference?

Duke K says:

Another great vid, Brodie and Kelsey seem to be so much fun. Hope all of you can collaborate on other vids. Yes Kelsey needs to play golf with Brodie. She has the ability, just a little tuning up.

jackson lunsford says:

Just had regions, wish I could have hit my driver like her

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