Golf Lesson: Get Perfect Impact – #1 of 4

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In this 4 video series, will walk you through a step-by-step process that will train you how to get solid contact and tour like compression every time you step onto the golf course.

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Lewis Harden says:

I am having trouble with the drill–I think it is related to getting the backswing started with enough energy to throw the club head up into position and still leave the arms and wrists relaxed at the top of this small swing. The drill is much more rhythmic if I am not hitting a ball–starting the rep with a little forward swing. I like hitting the ball as I have unlimited range privileges and the crisp sound is a positive feedback. It seems awkward using large muscles to start the swing while maintaining the preposition limitations. A little forward press doesn't seem to do the trick. Comment? Thanks// Chico

Ron Iwankovitsch says:

NO hip turn?  I feel my hip having a small turn.

Shaking Shark says:

how is the video free? every time i try to watch it it wants me to pay?

Tony Jones says:

What club do you recommend for this drill?

gchild01 says:

Hi Chris, with these impact videos do I need to practice the reps by hitting a ball or can I practice them at home without a ball? Enjoying the videos!

Shaila Keni says:

Great video. Thanks!!

Michael Goffinet says:

Great video, Tyler. I've been an RST student for awhile and still get confused on what the right side should do. I know the right hand should just be a passenger and be very relaxed, but how about the right shoulder and elbow. When I concentrate on just hitting with my left side, I have a tenancy to move my head and body towards the target. I have the most success with feeling like my right should goes under me. Is that an incorrect feeling.

Ron Taylor says:

Great advise!  Golf is a "left handed" game for the right handed player!

SAMedia says:

how do you go from that bowed/flexed left wrist at impact to the fully cupped/extended wrist at the end of the back swing? seems like two opposite rotations?

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