GoPro Golf: Justin Thomas and His Scotty Cameron Putter

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Scotty Cameron has been making putters for the top golfers in the game for the past 23 years. Since PGA Pro Justin Thomas had been struggling with his putting, he went to Scotty's warehouse to find some answers.

Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from ‪

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O. G. says:

1:01 Crosshanded
3:53 Conventional

= Not the putter. More practice plus a grip change.

DiveDeep says:

This was absolutely amazing to watch. Imagine the pride that Scotty was feeling watching JT go out and make 9 birdies after JT came to him for help. Scotty has the best job in the world!

Pifpaf Jojo says:

Seriously CEO himself crafting and tweaking head putter? let true handcrafter do their job, they're talented

Happy gilmore says:

No better than any other putter & definitely not as good as the ping vault range

Ken Chang says:

He just had one of the best years of his life with that putter!

Will Fox says:

Putter seemed to work as he won his first Major today

Eric Walsh says:

Odd they would have an entire episode surrounding the design of a custom made putter for JT and never show the final product?

Carson Kubicki says:

Amazing video. Scotty Cameron for life!!!

Spencer Chatfield says:

but now he is using the futura, a different putter…..

IDontTry Games says:

do water polo

Sarcasm Soldiers says:

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Tony Vallés says:

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Rodrigo's HDTV [GoPro & Travels] says:

How is it made. GoPro edition 🙂 cool!

Jay Nonimus says:

This is ridiculous! He is using a blade putter with a down-the-line stroke, which is already a biomechanically unsound and completely unnatural stroke. That is his problem!! And the company reinforces it by having him putt using that straight putting aid? Is the company that uninformed or did they just not want to burst his bubble?

Obiektywny says:

We want to see hero 5 black in action! 😀

Life Improvements says:

gopro and golf, not a good mix

U13 says:

+GoPro para mi sois la mejor de las mejores empresas de camaras

poo nose says:

Speith wanna be

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