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martin mcgorty says:

I never knew Ricky Gervais golfed.

randy joble says:

maybe is right

Le Tigidou says:

0% funny after 90 seconds , should I watch further? does it get funny?

Rayne Clowd says:

Crazy trick shots!!! >> /watch?v=TD2eDIXS5xg

Caelbain says:

Most interesting golf game ever is still boring, who knew?

george shannan says:

how the fuck is this funny………………apart from the high pitched
voice doing a running comentary…….prob last about 3 holes b4 i hit this
guy with mt puter

Jimmy Strudel says:

i would bash my self in the head with the flat stick if i had to golf with
these insufferable twats.

David Bickle says:

I am new to golf and have watched Marks lesson videos and have learnt so
much. This shows he and his friends can laugh with and at each other and
are prepared to share the fact that if you screw up it isn’t the end of the
world! Thanks for sharing Mark.

Tony Pezzolesi says:

Funny? Really?

Oldlard says:

Love all the haters who have no clue what is going on and have landed here
after searching for “hurrrr durrrr funny golf”. Piss off if you don’t like
it, noone is forcing you to watch.

John Crane says:

Wait mark crossfield is hella good

Manel Gameiro says:

It’s in vale do lobo? In portugal? 

Stu Dunn says:

Thanks for the vid mark, brightened up my morning!

fred flin says:

…someone who talks that much, i’m surprised that he has any people who
will play with him. Good lord. I’ve played since i was a 7 yr old been a
pro for 30 yrs ,this is repugnant. The videos title is i guess meant to be
As for the person making fun of the accents..REALLY… stick you head out
of your shack in Alabama and just listen for a few minutes. Wow!!!

Polwarthful says:

If fag buddy was laughing at me like that Id smash his face in with my

Daniel Austin says:

Lol you guys have so hard Core OCD about how you setup for the shot.

tim33ny says:

Probably not the funniest golf video ever, but definitely a fun outing to
watch. Hats off to these gents. As for our commenter below under the user
name xoulepos, he’s just sexually frustrated….we actually love our
neighbors across the pond and find your accents quite charming. Cheers
fellas, from new york!

wollterius says:

I thought you guys were good :D

samraj singh says:

So funny I forgot to laugh

Hilario D'Aragona says:

Not funny. Not at all… :-(

HrReMasked says:

i thought it was great. just a good time on the course. from the deep
south usa, but maybe learning golf in my teen years in Berlin help me
appreciate these guys having fun and getting on their mates nerves for
having a bad day. And they are very good. 20 minutes worth while watch.
the view, the course, poor “4putt matt”, humor, golf, just a lot of fun.

David Charles says:

Maybe The Most Lame Golf Video Ever

John dyson says:


denmark39 says:

I guess you had to be there. Nice course and good swings. 

Pauly says:

Or maybe not …

Mogwai Gremlin says:

About as funny as toothache.

Jason McCoy says:

is that monarch bay?

bangor bangin says:

what the fuck is so funny

L Hilldo says:

Fuck me, so many haters commenting on this video over the last few months.
You all struggling with ebola? miserable bastards!

PatrickKlund93 says:

so why did he take a wedge from that last bunker? Why not take an easy 6
or 5 to get under the trees and run it up? Didn’t have much of a lip to
get over. Funny vid, I wouldn’t take lessons from this guy.

serendipityuk says:

Hey! I played this golf course years ago. Stayed at the four seasons, hotel
wasn’t as nice as I had hoped but the course was the best part.

Joey Pauley says:

I dont understand why so many people dislike this video? This is easily one
of the best videos by Mark. Some people take things way to seriously. 

jamie alnaimi says:

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve played this hole, even played it on
Christmas Day. However this is the main attraction to VDL royal course
where as the ocean course has many more standout holes with similar views.

MrKydaman says:

what’s fore in Portuguese? lmao

blumucci says:

I want to play with you guys!!!!

PaveLowExpert says:

Rory used to be awesome, wonder what happened to him.

theblazer says:

I would pay money not to play with Mark.. jesus.

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