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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre helps you understand release of the golf club and gives you some ideas on how you can improve your release. This will get you hitting the golf ball better, longer, straighter and will help your reduce your golf score and play better golf.

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Scott Gray says:

I am 45 years old, held a golf club for the first time last year. I am
progressing to my satisfaction with instruction, but I ma having the issue
with the left arm crumpling in the finish. Two things causing, number one
I am not keeping up in my body turn, so it is in the way, and I am not
completely releasing the club, as I am concentrating too much on the impact
area and I am not getting to the point of the forearm overlap everytime.
Great explanation, this has already helped my practice immensely. Keep up
the good work.

Jancen says:

Do you employ the same technique for a driver?

melvyn crabtree says:

Rick you make it look so simple, I will soon be there thanks great video

uluwatu77 says:

To have a good release, the body needs to get out of the way. I heard the
term “the trailing arm”, meaning that the right arm “trails” behind the
body. Any helpful tips on this? Many thanks 

tomgray41 says:

I’ll try it today. Thanks for sharing easy tips that make solid changes.

eric hughes says:

In other words do what Ben Hogan said and keep the elbows as close together
as possible through the swing. Nice instruction video. 

11hoursoff says:

1 dislike? Must be that crossfield fella.

Anders Pedersen says:

will this “release-swing” be in every fullswing shot, driver to sandwedge ?
even in the chipping n such ? 

Joe Yamsuan says:

Great lesson!

Clay Fleming says:

This video is spot on for me. I have been working on this part of my swing
a lot lately and your breakdown of the various styles of follow through was
extremely helpful.

Steve Evans says:

Hi Rick. You are really producing some top quality content at the moment. I
am still struggling with the straight arms drill. I noticed in the video
you seem to get best results if transferring weight forward aggressively
and not hanging back like I do. Could you do a video on the left arm at
address? Should left arm and club form a straight line?

Alan Mills says:

Excellent drill Rick Ty.

Jin C says:


As always, thanks for the great videos! When you get a chance, could you
please post a video with tip/triggers on starting the downswing? 

Michelle Gascon says:

Great video,very helpful

Andy Barton says:

Excellent thanks

Tim Spring says:

Hi Rich
Hi Rick
Thanks for covering this , the clarity of your instruction is great.
Much appreciated

Andy Cunningham says:

Hi rick love the videos. A little of topic but where do you stand on 5 wood
v hybrid can’t make my mind up have a hybrid but I’m considering a 5 wood

fraser carnihan says:


Ste Smallman says:

I can really relate to this video Rick don’t you think haha after Sunday,
great video all the same⛳️

Ken Arakaki says:

Good tips as always! Keep it up Rick 

Michael Duffy says:

Really enjoying your vids, the first time i tried this I hit a draw 😉 also
the sound of the strike sounded different not sure why but sure it can’t be
bad . Keep up the good work

Sean Kennedy says:

Hey Rick. I’m looking to buy new irons and wanted to get your opinion. I
have a handicap of 16. I want an iron with forgiveness without sacrificing
distance. Thanks!

Mike Kefer says:

Is it just me or are Rick’s videos not in HD anymore?

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