Handicap to Scratch – 2016 Season Review

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Handicap to Scratch – 2016 Season Review

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Coached by Dan Whittaker


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darren crawford says:

More interested to see what happens when the H/C goes below 5, 0-5 is twice the difference than 5-10. Practice gets you to a certain ability, but below 5 is tough.

I started at 14 and came down to 4, but I don't think I'll get too much lower.

Id be interested to know what distances you hit each club, have you done a distance test/combine test?

I think this would give people some perspective if they could achieve something similar,

J.C Golf says:

I can see the Nike method origin putter in your bag, how long have you had that for and do you like the feel of it? Also if you got it recently is it worth the amount of discount you get off it?

Simon Tasker says:

Hi Brett. Good video keep up the posts. Dan has my contact details so we can set up a round at Hawkstone. Its still playing really well. cheers Simon

Dark Horse says:

Short, short game, short game, then putting 😉

David Couch says:

do you actually have a target handicap for next year? I understand that pinpointing a specific handicap may work for or against you..

Glenn Quagmire says:

5.7 you think? Come on bro, your obsessed with your golf…. How can you "think" your handicap is 5.7 (6)….. Now your at cat 1 golfer, you will realise it's a different ball game getting your handicap down…. I can say this as I'm a scratch golfer…. Not trying to be harsh my friend – just honest

Will says:

Nice vid Brett.

Maybe bit personal, but how much do you think you have spent combined total on golf in the year to progress to quick on handicap? The lessons etc must add up quick?

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