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Golf instructor Hank Haney advises you to get in a perfect position at the top of your swing.

My followers on Twitter send me pictures
and a lot of times, I get pictures of players
who obviously look like they're very good players,
but their wrist position is not
exactly correct at the top.
What you're looking for is your left wrist
being flat to your forearm.
Ideally the club face would be squared
to your wrist as well.
If it's not that way,
then you either have it too bowed at the top
where the club tends to be closed
and a little laid off to the left,
or it's too cupped at the top
where the face is a little too open
and this is a little more upright.
Both of those two mistakes
will tend to lead to inconsistency.
If you have the wrist bowed at the top,
you have to make sure you either open the club coming down
or you have to lead with your hands and up
and hit with the side of your hand
to keep the clubface from being too closed.
If the wrist is cupped at the top,
you have to flatten that club out
and or release your hands a lot at the bottom
in order to make up for the clubface being open.
So to be more consistent,
what I'd like to see is that left wrist
flat to the forearm at the top of the swing,
then you can just bring it right down that plane
and have it squared impact
without having to do any compensations.

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Hank Haney on the Correct Wrist Position at the Top of Your Golf Swing | Golf Tips | Golf Digest


barry o'sullivan says:

No explanation on how to get there. It's like saying if you want to hit good shots have good swing. Some drills on how to achieve that would be very useful. My wrist is a little cupped at the top and as a result I come across the line at the top. My bad shot is a hook so I don't know. Trying now to get the wrist flatter so we'll see how that goes.

JohnJH says:

Thank you for saying this so succinctly. It’s frustrating that SO many teachers use 5 or 10 or 15+ minutes of video to say exactly what you just taught in a minute. Bravo and thanks again.

Swift chopper says:

Most golf pros should be exiled to iran

joshclayg says:

Sort your grip out and don't worry about this.

golfmaniac007 says:

there was no advice on how to get there. just have flat wrist. how is hank one of the top golf instructors?

jacob owens says:

i bet dj doesn't think a bowed wrist is incorrect

robo931 says:

SteelFiber shaft in that iron, nice.

Jacob Bruce says:

Ben Hogan had a cupped left wrist because of his overly strong grip. If you didnt know Hogan battled a wicked hook so it makes sense that to get the club face square with a strong grip you need a cupped wrist and a bowed impact. Hank teaches a neutral grip so the wrist needs to be flat at top so the club head is not manipulated

Rektspresso says:

So stronger grips are just plain out of the question according to Hank? Most tour players have at least a slightly stronger than neutral grip…

Stewart McKay says:

This is utter garbage….Ben hogan the best swinger of the golf club had a completely cupped left wrist at the top of his swing and at impact it was slightly bowed. It drives me nuts when instructors call for a flat left wrist at the top, besides its anatomically impossible with a wrist cock in the back swing….what a bunch of shite Hank.,,,,

Lt. Weinberg says:

There's no explanation of how to do this – if you want to get a good grade point average then get a 4.0- nobody cares hank

Jancen says:

I struggle with this.  With 2.5 knuckles showing at address, my left wrist will be automatically cupped at the top.

Zach Harney says:

This is true but provided you have a pretty neutral grip. Get your grip right first and this will be applicable.

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