Various Swings & Beautiful Slow Motions of 2022 LPGA Top 10

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sonofsalmon56 says:

Amazing that a couple of the smaller girls that were not as long as the other ones had almost no hip turn in their backswing …but turnt their hips towards the target a lot in the follow thru. They were more accurate than the others. Just goes to show you there are more than one way to get it done.

r.d. laing says:

Lexis feet movement at the end is unique

r.d. laing says:

Jin Young pure power,Ingee swing is classic

tiger mola says:

I thougt Minjee Lee is From Australia? Not New Zealand

Robert M says:

And Brooke is beautiful in every way in most peoples opinons

Dick Lam says:

The new country of New Zealnd are trying the claim Minjee Lee apparently. I always considered NZ as a group of islands which is part of Australia.

Robert M says:

Brooke has the coolest swing imo.

Gary Mclaughin says:

Lexi wow why did I get old

Gary Mclaughin says:

Min jee thighs impressive lots of muscle

peterliew59 says:

Min Jee is an Aussie.

gordon cook says:

Just watched this video and usually I absolutely love the content but at number two you have listed Minjee Lee…Apart from not being able to spell New Zealand properly which is bad enough Minjee was born and raised in Australia people..get it right in future

Isaac Stone says:

All girls have amazed swing and famous wons in LPGA. It’s good to watch them playing golf in LPGA in our time from 2010 to 2022.
I will still watching them playing golf.

Hyo Joo Kim has amazed effortless swing and impact,
Alexis Thompson has powerful impact but she jumped backward during and after impact the ball.

I am sure more LPGA girls have amazed swing too, but didn’t in this video.

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