The Best Golf Rotation Drill Ever – Mr. Short Game

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This is one of the best golf rotation drills or tips I've ever done. This drill will force you to stay down on the ball and rotate through like never before. If you slice the ball or have trouble getting your lower body working properly in the golf swing then this drill will help you solve those issues. Be sure to subscribe to the channel and check out the links below for special deal and discounts.


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Will says:

hahaha….I lost this and is what I needed. Trusting the face closes itself on downswing

Greg Griffith says:

Terrific tip! Took it to the course today and hit the ball better than ever. I’m now a fan for life!

2Donuts says:

Even he himself got so excited and went out of breathe. This drill is really amazing and can't find elsewhere over the internet. Thumbs up ^^

Mickey C says:

Why does this work…..I’m hitting it so much better. Do you recommend just playing this way or should it just be used as a drill?

Gary Hovey says:

Love this!!!!

D D says:

Homer Kelley called that a Flip Release

dr ozone says:

seems legit; will try it

John Woodson says:

The perfect guy to sell energy drinks lol. Good video sir

Carlos Konstanski says:

You are the golf Fonzie with humor instead of babe skills and golf instead of cars. This is genuinely meant as a huge compliment.

John Austin says:

Similar to Adam Porzak Matt doesn’t just talk the talk he can walk the walk in that he can articulate comprehensively his teaching and also demonstrate his theory’s with his shot making ability and comes across as very knowledgeable likeable engaging young man , thanks Matt keep it going.

Tamir Shemesh says:

So it's winter right now – does this need to be done with an actual ball, or can this be done over and over on carpet/mat without a ball?

Ed Ruiz says:

Love your videos man!!! Thank you for loading awesome content.

Jack Maviglia says:

Beautiful chemtrails

Craig Fairbanks says:

I gotta try that as hooding the club is not producing that push draw,

Donald D says:

What do you mean by open the face but not by cupping the left wrist. How should you feel that you are opening the face without using the wrist to do it? More in the elbow?

Terry Hightower says:

Five years ago I “had it!” I could feel the ball compress on every shot. It was awesome! Playing the best golf I’ve ever played. The following year I had hip replacement surgery and now it’s like I’ve never played before!!! I’m ready to freaking quit!!!

Captain Arce says:

I love your energy and great teaching skills

Titus Livius says:

First 25% of this is pitching his own cause

Manuel Rivera says:

Thanks, My friend, that's great.

Gary Loupos says:

Hands down the best drill I’ve used! 👍👍👍

Rich wilko says:

makes no sense whats so ever!

Li-Shu Lin says:

OTF is so great

J Holton says:

Thanks for the tips here is paying it forward check your blood pressure, avoid caffeine.

blova00 says:

Thank you for this video along with all of the others. This drill really helped me so much. I finally feel comfortable with my swing ., now I just gotta dial it in!

adri vreeke says:

You Will hit a draw believe iT or not ! Crazy cabaret thank you

Jeromy Pinkham says:

Dude! Lay-off the caffeine! 😳

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