Hank Haney & Peter Cowen Drill To Stop Slicing The Golf Ball

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►I've been lucky enough to learn and study from the best coaches in the world and put it into my daily coaching. This tip is my MASH UP version from the legends Peter Cowen and Hank Haney.

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Andy Carter Golf says:

I'm lucky to have learnt and studied the best golf coaches in the world. Here's my mash-up slice tip from Pete Cowen & Hank Haney.

mplunky1 says:

Hi does this mean that the very 1st move in the downswing sequence is the arms down 1st before any pressure shift to the front foot?. Does the Pete Cowen 'spiral' sequence mean that the (upper) arms is the 1st move down & not the opposite (unspiraling from ground up).
Also is the lead arm pulling or trail arm hitting/pushing ti achieve this?.
Many thanks for this video.

ctwatcher says:

Tell Hank to do some research about the poison he rolled his sleeve up for. Maybe then he'll understand what it was for.

Robert Schissler says:

Pete and Hank really know how to hit consistent solid shots.

Brady Adams says:

Andy, I'm not sure how I missed this gem when you release it, but this is absolutely what I needed to tackle my driver swing issues. I just started learning the golf swing 2 years ago and played my first round summer of 2021. I've primarily focused on my irons and putting but I really need to focus on improving my driver and long club game. This breakdown is amazing in helping me think through it as I practice and drill to get better.

Thank you as always for this great content!

Billy Kerridge says:

Is this just for driver?

John Dixon says:

Brilliant thanks

Kall Ramanathan says:

Just what the doctor ordered! Thanks for the tip Andy 👍🏽👍🏽

james davidson says:

Wow, great tip, thanks

Gene Smith says:

Amazing drill and I had such incredible results. Yes I hit a few bad ones but it really helped me load my hips into the swing. Thank you for all the great tips you share with us!!

Rick says:

Click bait … not the way to get subscribers

Darren Moore says:

I am 51 and have never golfed before. I've been thinking about taking up some lessons. I'll certainly try out this technique.

Gareth McC says:

Great video Andy. Excellent and simple tip. 👍🏻

Lion Golf Academy says:

Andy great video, glad students are watching and learning from your style

Charlie In NoVa says:

Tried both this and a lesson with Carter on Skillest. It works. Feels totally weird at first but keep at it.

Gary Wilson says:

Hello Andy, Cathy (northern California) here. Thank you for this helpful drill. I am heading to the course and will begin my practice. I am excited and will let you know in two weeks how I am doing….

terry brogan says:

I will try this cheers Andy ⛳️⛳️⛳️

Jason Hughes says:

Do you have any videos with similar drills (ie. breaking down the swing into “phases”) for iron strikes?

Ben Lemoi says:

You describe me to a T when you say keeping everything in sequence and starting the body before the arms in the down swing. So how do I drop my arms down first when starting the downswing?

Gordon Winstanley says:

That was great tip andy looks so simple way you did it cant wait give it a try cheers 👍

HillbillyJedi88 says:

I'm gonna give it a shot Andy. I can go from a hook to a slice in 2 swings so I've got nothing to loose. Let ya know how it goes!

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