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I compare what 20 years difference in golf club technology does by testing a Callaway Great Big Bertha II Driver up against the current Callaway Paradigm Driver in a head to head battle………but what is the difference in distance!??

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12 thoughts on “HAS GOLF TECHNOLOGY IMPROVED THAT MUCH!? 20 Year Test!

  1. Well, there we go. It all depends on WHO is handling the driver. As to you, Michael, it doesn't make much of a difference. Hallf a yard per year, and you pay an amazing AMOUNT OF MONEY FOR THAT EXTRA YARD…

  2. For your 6’5” athletes physique and super talented swing speed there is 15 yards difference. For most of us swinging around 90mph it’s probably about 5 yards or less? Just guessing ?

  3. They should limit driver head size at 300cc which is about “mini-driver” size

    That would solve all the length problems on the tour (and would probably make all the amateurs more accurate too lol)

  4. Need to talk about golf shot dispersion too, not just distance. Also need an average bloke to hit shots. Better golfer can hit any club but modern clubs are also supposed to be high tech in forgivness. Would love to see like a 18 handicapper hit the two as well and compare

  5. I still play PGF laminated woods with True Temper steel shafts, same distance for me as the newer mini driver but when i want a replacement i only need to spend $5 dollars not $700 dollars.

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