The New MOST FORGIVING Driver In Golf?

The New MOST FORGIVING Driver In Golf?

Matt Fryer Golf tests out a driver that could knock the Ping G series driver off the most forgiving driver spot?

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27 thoughts on “The New MOST FORGIVING Driver In Golf?

  1. Matt here is a challenge, review "what 2 shot club combo is the longest for Par 4, 5s" for the average mid HC golfer? i.e. Driver + a 3 fairway woods combo for distance and accuracy? Thinking then an expensive brand new driver is way less important for that extra few yds? Hit my Cobra 3/4 & 5/6 adjustable F8 fairway woods very well. e.g. So my short drives are compensated for on longer holes.

  2. I wish just one of the 1,000,000 you tube golf reviewers would post one take review videos. So we can see where ALL the shots go. Without edits. Yeah.

  3. But in all your drivers you don't mention you don't use standard manufacturers shafts.
    You always have VENTUS BLUE installed.
    I was always told the shaft is the engine, the head the exhuast.

  4. since the G400 PING had the massive MOI top spot at the driver market, but over the years, the other companies came very close if not overtaken PING. I hated the sound of the G425 and went away with the Cally Rogue ST Max with delivers very similar results all over the face

  5. Just bagged this last week Matt had the rogue st max which the bertha beat hands down on my fitting. I even tried the paradym, tsr2 and the ping. This has the forgiveness of the ping but with distance of the longer drivers. This thing is incredibly I play off 4 and have a slight cut shot but this driver just launches high straight bombs

  6. Perhaps in your learned opinion Matt these are the " most forgiving drivers in golf " very few amateurs swing a driver like you do. New clubs out this year, it's 75 % marketing and 25 % technological bullshit !!
    Baffle the average golfer with BS ,, some of the statements made by these golf companies are completely laughable to say the least. For example ,, a professional golfer demonstrating a new driver " you will hit this club dead straight " ,,, utter rubbish.
    Regarding cost of these new sticks Matt ,,, here in Western Canada Big Bertha sells for $ 724.00 ( tax in ) and the Ping for $ 696.00. These two drivers also come without the choice of shafts ,, of course you can choose stiff or regular.

    I'm a senior golfer with an eight handicap and I was in the market for a new driver, I chose a Tour Edge C721 and I had my choice of shafts ( I chose Fujikura Air Speeder 40gm in regular flex ). The club was a demo in near new condition, I paid $ 304.00 for the driver including tax and shipping.
    It's an exceptional driver and I would put it up against Big Bertha or the new Ping any day of the week. A hell of a difference in price ( $ 400.00 ) ,,, appreciate your contributions. By the way Matt, why don't we see a solid 22 handicap golfer demonstrate these new clubs ?? ????

  7. Have always been a Callaway fan but both you and Rick Shiels seem to love the Ping. So plan on looking at it for my next driver. But sounds like I have another one to consider. Nice video.

  8. You gave carry distances (Ping290 vs Call287 yards) and spin rates (Ping2190 vs Call2032) but not total distance for either club. Typically the club with the lower spin rate should go farther after landing. That would make the Callaway potentially as long or longer overall for total distance. I think this should have been mentioned (or stats provided) in your commentary. BTW – I think that marketing these clubs just to "high handicap players" is nonsense. Lots of good players (like yourself) would benefit from using more forgiving clubs, and even you have considered putting the Ping in your bag (I think you should).

  9. I don't normally watch club reviews as I am now 70yr old and chasing the dream is over BUT I had one of the first BIG Bertha,s and was drawn into I wonder how much it has changed… I would buy one but as i said those days are over for me…. Great vid enjoyed it……

  10. Buddy – love the channel but I think the test was a bit biased. Your first two drives were poor shots and because you hit the Ping first, it biased the results. The numbers on the Ping were clearly better for a beginner golf. And no, I don’t work for Ping. I have no doubt that the BB is a terrific product and is worth a hit for a mid to high handicapper looking for a new big stick. But objectively, if you tested them properly and fully side by side, I think your answer would be (from your own data), that the Ping is a better driver.

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