Have You Played Canada's Top 10 Public Golf Courses?

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Timmy2Fingerz says:

Bigwin Island is on the bucket list. Just gotta pony up for a $2500/night cabin.

Philip says:

was hoping my home course in drumheller would make the cut, the back 9 in particular is nuts

M0 says:

Tobiano is far superior to Banff Springs. Banff Springs is the most overrated course in Canada.

Brenden Ervin says:

Never seen so many eye sore swings.

Wamboo5 says:

how is tobiano not on the list

Rowan Ponich says:

athabasca golf coursse and country club is really nice. Its my main course and its beautiful

Jancen J says:

@3:03. that's a very unusual backswing

Phuripong Puributr says:

100 $ without caddy

Frank Nirta says:

Cabot is a phenomenal golf experience but I won't go back until the problems with the greens at 16 (the signature hole) and 17 have been addressed.

Average Golfers with Ugly Swings says:

Can't wait to play Cabot Cliffs in a few weeks. Looking forward to it. isambo400 must be on the tour….keep drinking that haterade man.

Josh Charles says:

Sawing batter batter !

G G says:


isambo400 says:

These are the worst golf swings I've ever seen

Stephen Hill says:

Banff Springs is a public course??? Seriously?

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