18 Holes At OMNI RESORTS-LA COSTA GOLF CLUB | 370 Yard 1-Iron | CRAZY Flop Shot | Champions' Course

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Joseph Simko says:

He melts the 1-iron at 21:50. 🤯

James Gentry says:

Kyle, I mean seriously, you are hitting shit . I've watched your stuff for a while and its not any better from course to course. I play the same way!🤔

Joel McKeown says:

Watch the video and ask yourself, I’m i playing enough break?🤔

David Rials says:

Would you consider making a vlog about how you make vlogs? I’d be interested in that

nik gon says:

You are not carrying around the track man anymore.

josh bertoncini says:

Are you going to enter any tournaments? Would love to see how you stack in a competitive environment

bigtime89 says:

Use that driver as much as you can, you have a serious weapon in your arsenal on the golf course so I would bring it out as much as possible.

jacon says:

For the OB + 2 Shot penalty, I think you can drop laterally in the fairway, as far as you want from OB, so no need to play from the rough.

Justin Boubelik says:

I would love to see an updated bag review on everything you use!!!

jacon says:

LTDx… I love the LTD brand. Excited for the Fall.

Dan Horchover says:

To get through that noise on the first and make that putt, you have have a lot of concentration and patience my man

Lumen says:

i feel like if you have a drive that big, you should be using it as much as possible since its such a weapon, im obviously no pro golfer and its not easy to hit perfect drives everytime, but just seems like a no brainer

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