Here’s why your handicap will change in 2024

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The R&A and USGA are back with more changes to the World Handicapping System which could affect your handicap next season.

The new changes mean you can enter cards for handicap in different formats, you will play against the par of your course not the slope rating and courses can adjust the par’s of their holes in certain circumstances.

In this video I run through five of the key changes which could affect your handicap in 2024.

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19 thoughts on “Here’s why your handicap will change in 2024

  1. As. Single figure H/C I stopped playing club comps. If you enter a comp – you like to think you have some chance of winning – but it is virtually impossible now. Case in point – shot a gross 73 in a society game this year and still lost by 4 points stableford. ????????????

  2. The issue in a competition of 40 is that a high handicapper will come 1st to 40th, a low handicapper will come 15th to 25th. The average is the same, the chance of winning isn't.

  3. The best system is. If it's a par 72 and you shoot 75 means simple 3 over then your hcp is 3. It shouldn't matter what course it is. 3 over is 3 over they made the last 20 years of hcp much just keep it simple.

  4. This is a terrible part of the system that is in place in North America right now. The problem comes because this is a flat score regardless of your handicap. And it is different depending on which tee you play.

    So if you are a scratch Golfer being forced to play off the forward tees, the course may be rated 68.0 for a 72 par. That means (everything else being equal) you have to shoot -4 to play to your handicap. A 24 handicap also loses 4 shots, so he has to shoot +20 to play to their handicap. Now anyone who has even played golf a few times realises that it is immensely easier for a 24 handicap, to shoot +20, than it is for a scratch golfer to shoot 4 under par, particularly if you are playing a tournament set up and less than ideal conditions.

    My advice to low handicappers is to not enter handicap tournaments unless there is an equal value gross prize, but even then if your handicap is between 5 and about 12, you are going to find it really hard to win anything, if there are a full range of handicaps playing. My feeling on stroke-play is it gets fair at about 75% of calculated handicap or less, particularly when there is a maximum score on a hole to speed up play.

    I sometimes wonder if anyone at the R&A or USGA have ever played the game, or maybe the handicap system is a business vehicle designed to get new players into the game, not an attempt to make competitions fair. They should realize that a net birdie on a hole is far harder when you don't get a shot, compared to when you get 2-shots. I have played net skins, in a club competition and had every skin going to a net hole in one on par 3s, when playing off 5, I got a shot on none of them! Every single par 3 was under 150 yards from the senior tees. They didn't even get the beers in!

    The handicap system is so incompetent and unfit for purpose, it is laughable. Our club Championship had 7 players in it this year, the net prize won by a 25 handicap, who won by 17 shots over 2 rounds. The conditions were tough, the lowest single round was 77 (+5).

    Golf is a dying game, it is too expensive and totally mismanaged at the very top.

  5. Honestly, I gave up caring when it changed to WFH just turn up and play my round try to shoot as low as I can, right now I'm a 2.2 index. Still people out there cheating their scores and wining comps

  6. My issue was mentioned in your video, is sandbagging particularly higher handicappers who play very few comps per year but then are unplayable in match plays and four ball better balls, I think they should have to play in 10 or more comps per year to have a competition handicap as they did in the old system.

  7. Well explained. I found out about the CR – par option by accident when reading about the new WHS system on the R&A website prior to its launch. Completely debunked the marketing hype of ‘a single universal system’!! As far as I know most countries, including the USA adopted the CR – par option, the notable exceptions being England & Ireland.

  8. Lol. Prizes for scrambles. hahahahaha…

    scramble isn't competitive golf. Fun, for some sure. Golf.. no….

    Perhaps we should have Scramble caps and Golfer caps. ????????

  9. To someone outside the UK, most of these "changes" look like bringing the UK into line with the rest of the world. For too long England golf has been hiding from reality to protect ancient habits. So I would expect that England golfers on holiday outside that part of the UK will appreciate the reduced suspicions of artificial handicaps.

  10. It needs to address the high handicappers, who appear for the classics and fourball competitions knowing they won't be cut . To me their the shoplifters of golf. There's no difference in stealing from a shop, and stealing from your golf club.

  11. Love to know why the 'faceless' people from these governing bodies had to fiddle with the handicap system in the first place with this WHS system when probably the vast majority just play golf for the sake of friendship within their own club and if they win a competition then great , which again creates great banter amongst fellow players. Will the vast majority be playing in open competitions to win them? (most people I know who play in them do so to play at nice courses at a good price). Will the vast number of players play abroad with the intentions of winning competitions (doubt it very much). Now they are making it even more complicated, so much so that more talk will be of the handicap system than the golf.

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