Rules of Golf Explained (2023): Ball Lost or Out of Bounds and Provisional Ball

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14 thoughts on “Rules of Golf Explained (2023): Ball Lost or Out of Bounds and Provisional Ball

  1. My buddies get crazy when I tell them they can't drop and say "hitting three" from where it went into the woods. The local rule is lying three hitting four.

  2. playing golf and has rules question "Hey, I wonder what the official rule on this is?" "Check the offical USGA youtube channel!" checks "Hey there are convenient short videos on my exact question!" watches video "So what does the USGA say about it?" "I literally have no idea"

    I have so many remaining questions after watching these videos… So how many penalty strokes is each situation? I'm so confused

  3. So if I hit a ball, say 200+ yards, that I know is nowhere near out of bounds, but the ball can't be found, I would have to go back and rehit from where I originally made the stroke, 200+ yards back? That can really mess up pace of play. Aren't we allowed, as non pro's, and not being in a tournament, to take the distance and drop where we think the ball was lost, and take just a one stroke penalty instead?

  4. JUNE 13
    When the ball is close to the 0B line defined by stakes you can't determine in or out from the balll. Go beyond one of the stakes and look down the line to the other stake. It will allow you to see the ball in or out.
    Wayne Wheeler

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