HIGH HANDICAP GOLFER Plays with A FULL SET OF HYBRID IRONS! When high handicap Golfers buy new golf clubs they need to make sure they are the best golf clubs for them, the best forgiving golf clubs, the most forgiving irons of 2022 have to be the Wilson LP2 irons, or the WILSON LAUNCH PAD irons as they are known by. Will using a full set of hybrid irons help this 25 handicap golfers game? Let’s find out… and let’s do it now!


  1. I bought a set of used Cleveland Launcher XL Halo irons (they are very similar to Wilson LP) because I was having trouble with my mid and longer irons. My typical golf round was in the mid-80s and I now consistently play in the mid-70s. These are in no way just for high-handicap golfers. These clubs have lowered my average score by 8-9 shots. What a Game changer! All my golfing buddies teased me a bit when I started using these clubs but now they are not laughing anymore. lol A few have even switched over to these and they also dropped their average score. I highly recommend them to any golfer who wants to improve their game. They are the easiest clubs I've ever hit and they deliver very good results, and even on poor shots, the more I play them, the more confident I get. As I said they are a total game changer.

  2. I used my set of irons for the first time a few days ago. I had lost all feeling with iron play and was relying on my Ping ChipR too much. Played in a comp round and once I got used to them I had my best round in ages. Shot 5 under my handicap on the back nine. I haven’t carried anything longer than a 6 iron for over a year and played a sensational shot with the Launch Pad 2 5 iron to get on a tricky par 4 in 2, which I never do. Wish I had bought a set of these much earlier. I only came across them on y tube and after seeing half a dozen reviews ordered a set of regular graphite 5/GW. I’m in love and can’t wait to play another round.

  3. I'm 12.6 HCP at 51. Don't play much. Don't train much. Currently have Mavriks irons. Struggle to get anything longer than 8 iron airborne. Considering these clubs, but ego is getting in the way.

    I'm between these and the Launcher XL irons. Bit worried I'll struggle to get 6 or 5 iron up with them.

    Any input greatly appreciated.

  4. ????I really don't care what other golfers think. If a club works then that is what matters. That is why I play 7,9,11 woods. Simply they work better than irons for me.

  5. Not embarrassed at all. I think for a serious player no. But for folks who are starting out or Older folks who are coming back to the game and just want to ramble easily around the course for a bit of exercise and fun then they're a no brainer. I am in my late 50s and have neither the time or inclination to struggle with a players iron

  6. Hi James, have been watching your videos on these clubs. I am a very new golfer currently hitting 140 over an 18 hole. I was looking to get some clubs fitted as im fairly tall 6'3 with a short reach so almost definitely need longer clubs. I was looking to get these launch pads. Will they make me a worse golfer in the long run and teach me bad habits? should i go for something less forgiving?

  7. Foxy has big dreams about his game. I do not believe he will achieve them. He has a stiff awkward swing and has not progressed like most people. clubs like this would certainly help him finally lower that high handicap.

  8. You said this type of clubs probably your father would buy it, so why don't you make a vdo with your father trying it? It would be more realistic right?

  9. 95 % of golfers should be using these new irons, the talk about getting better while I chunk and duff all the way to the green with blades is crazy.

  10. I only play once a fortnight so I picked up slazenger big ezee set. I took a 7iron to field and creamed nearly everyone . They all went pretty straight too . They weight a ton and i think this helps things from going pear shaped on back swing .

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