10 thoughts on “The Most Forgiving HYBRID of 2023 that Could Be PERFECT for you!!!

  1. 7:38 if thats the easiest club you ever hit, why don't you have it in your bag? you probably don't need them. most mid to high do.
    I hit my 7 iron max 140. then out comes the hybrids… for the longer shots, I desire solid contact, my cobras give me so much confidence to get it done

  2. I use Mizuno 4,5, and 6 hybrids with graphite shafts. They came with the 7 through 3 wedges set of hot metal irons. Took me many buckets of balls on the range to get away from the draw bias, which for me turned into a roaring hook. I really enjoy the ease of use and extra distance, once I got the hang of them, and only hook the crap out of them when I try to do something heroic. I added a 5 iron (923 model) this year to use off the tee and out of the rough because I can change the ball flight better. I'm old as dirt (75).

  3. I have a thumb injury. With a brace, I can swing a club but only at a very shallow delivery (the equivalent of hitting a flop shot with all clubs, from a path perspective). I couldn't hit my normal irons (Ping G430) because they didn't have enough bounce for the delivery I have to use. I saw James review them and thought that a hybrid set would have a ton of bounce. Well, I bought them and I can't believe how much I love them, even a 43 degree PW hybrid. I think that, even when the injury is healed, I may stick with them. They are so straight.

  4. Good review. As an alternative, I picked up a Ping G20 for £80 recently. I’m amazed at how well it goes. I’ve not tried the Eleven, but I wonder how the G20 and Eleven would compare.

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