High Splash Golf Shot Bunker Lesson

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High Splash Golf Shot Bunker Lesson with Mark Crossfield PGA professional and Steve Buzza, Talking bunker shots and how to hit a high bunker shot which should stop by the hole. Play your best golf with simple and easy to understand golf tips and drills from Mark Crossfield.

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Golfguy076 says:

Put a PGA tour golfer on a an average course and they won’t want to land in
a bunker

Stephane Gauthier says:

last summer I decided to focus more on rotating my upper body like Buzza
recommended and I found I was getting out a lot more often. Probably
because I was moving way too many body parts before… Something to try…

Steve Reed says:

Ironiclly I never worried about bunkers much as I missed right by so much I
missed them! Then just had to lob it over! Since my lesson and improved GIR
my misses are less and I’m in so many more!! The basic bunker tip from a
while back helps but high lip or short sided I needed this, time to
practice & get up and down from the sand!

Vici Martynov says:

Of course we play it like that, we have all seen your videos, why do you
think I bought a toe sweep lob wedge, my favourite club in the bag he he

Leftienige Blank says:

There was a top U.S. comp a year or two ago where all the pro’s had a
practice round , got together for a group whinge to the course managers
because the sand was TOO HARD !!
Result , all bunkers were re-sanded before the 1st round .
I remember one of the European players having a moan about a bunker he was
in , to the head referee (Mr. Paramor I think) . The answer he got was to
the effect of “It’s a hazard , if you don’t like them , don’t go in them .”
End of discussion .

Ian Blackburn says:

My bunker play improved a lot by watching the luke Donald master class
videos. Interesting was having a slight backward shaft lean. Worth checking
out. I starting spinning out of the bunker and felt very confident about
doing it too.

Tom Ridley says:

Couldn’t agree more about the bunkers being not something to be afraid of.
When I started out playing golf 3 years ago my playing partners would
always say “ohhhhh in the bunker again, why do you bother going for the
green in 2?” after some practice they now say “yeah well you can only go
for the green in 2 because you are great out of bunkers!”. Mark is right.
Get good in bunkers and watch the handicap tumble.

jon walsh says:

Personally I don’t mind being in the bunker at all. I’ve practices a lot on
my bunker shots and can get up and down probably 60% of the time which for
a 10 hdc I think is pretty good. I’m not quite as comfortable from a
fairway bunker but I lose a lot of strokes from 150 yards and out most days
so I generally need to work on my distance control/ consistency from
150-200. I think after I’m more comfortable with those shots my fairway
bunker play will improve as well

Ratbacon says:

Interesting video but that sand looks lovely. Please can we get a video
like this showing the correct approach for the wet, hard, tightly packed,
slightly frozen stuff we face at this time of the year.

TheHabiat says:

hey +Mark Crossfield
i now most of the people enjoy your drivers review like i do, but it would
be great if you could do more wedges review. test them on chipping and on
bunker shots.
this would be really great.

WoodyLongbone says:

Such a good insight to bunker play. In telly they “Nick” usually should
prefer players to use more loft and run it there when there is a green to
“work” with. And of course what they tend to do is the opposite. Surely if
the sand would be “hazard soft and not possible to lip under with secure
feeling from the bounce” they would have to use different approach and
chunck it there which I’d say would make the ball go in the hole more
often. In longerr bunker shots anyway.

Dan DeLave says:

I practice a lot of bunker shots (100 to 200 each session). Keeping in
mind an idea from an interview with Michelson about going from 100th+ in
bunker play to 4th in one year concentrating on 10 yard bunker shots…that
is what I practice.

David Flanagan says:

Hi mark, great videos. Long time subscriber. Could you explain what exactly
you are trying to do when you wiggle the club before you take a swing? Do
you wiggle with your wrists? Finally, Wiggle is a great word.

alan moore says:

Sand: Like it thick and fluffy, can get out usually. Thin and hard packed,
hates it, skull or dig mostly. Any advice? (“Don’t go in ’em” i kno)

Brandon Cowley Golf says:

Hit him Buzza!!! (;

Strat TelePaul says:

Were the kids in the background yelling “hit the damn ball already!!!”?

Kieran Baker says:

First comment!! Have you played/captained Devon county team?

Robert Birbeck says:

Did the crowd anticipate #TheBuzzaStab or #TheBuzzaHoleSomething at 2:10 ?

S. SH says:

Good info and great video. Thanks Mark!

Andy M says:

I can imagine buzza with his bucket and spade. Mark gives him money to get
a 99.

Anthony Craig says:

What do you if there’s next to no sand in the bunker? 

Dtyler171 says:

Some of my local courses some bunkers are way too hard, and then some are
way too soft. And it’s stupid, because on the same hole one bunker could be
rock hard, and the other could be way too soft.

Let me elaborate some more: one nice private golf course where I had a
membership had bunkers getting a little on the hard side (which I didn’t
mind at all), and so many members complained about them being too hard.
Then they literally raked the shit out of them so much that they were the
softest bunkers ever. So much so that my ball could plug as much as 8
inches (I even once LOST a ball in the bunker, and I was 100% sure it
landed in it)! Even short chips plugged every single time! Suffice to say,
my handicap went way up in the week that the bunkers were like that.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I have played bunkers so hard that you
have to pretend you are hitting off of cart path. Just absolute

Grant Kirkwood says:

Really enjoy The Buzzman!

Chase Pack says:

Hello mark, if I purchase your iPhone app will you review my swing?

Thanks, chase

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